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Thank you for all my 1800+ Followers!! to celebrate i am giving Everyone that follows the rules some free crypto!!! ( Dont get excited it wont be bitcoin!!! It will be a cheap crypto currency but guess what it will be free! Contest will run untill 07/25/17 at 11:59 pm est. Everyone that does the following will be winners!!!

Upvote this post

Resteem this post

Follow me (if you are not already)

Make sure you comment below that- it is done with a good comment

Vote one of your fellow steemit comments that said they did this (the best comment with the most upvotes gets some extra coins (the most upvotes not money)

A few days after the contest has ended i will send the winners .001 sd asking for the public wallet address of the crypto that i chose for the give away, you then will send the .001 sd back with your wallet address

lets have fun with this and earn that free crypto
thanks again everyone for the support!!



I already follow , upvote + Resteem is Done :) Keep growing !

Upvoted and Resteemed. Already following you :) I love that you do these contests. They are so much fun and help people like me to learn more about cryptocoin. Keep up the good work!

I need your dimecoin wallet address @kelleyc

I created a dimecoin wallet. But I was unsure how to verify that it had been synced. I didn't want you to send anything into the abyss. :)

put it here and ill send one to make sure first

7HHq2NDyq5YcsmrqxSstRQyFHGxEeC2G1E Ok here it is :) send a tiny tiny one.

@fene i need your dimecoin wallet address

Congratulations on the milestone.

Now let's get to 10k followers soon :)

Upvoted and resteemed...

Nice initiative 👍🏼

@drvarunpv i need your dimecoin wallet address

congratulations on the 1800 followers! ;) count me in.. :) good luck to everyone joining! ;) follow-upvote-comment-resteem! ;D

@koshin i need your dimecoin wallet address

That's an offer I can't refuse...

Hey @ralph-rennoldson Installed wallet - needs to sync with network - and then key to be imported before I can send it (according to your instructions). :)

ok thanks just let me know when your finished @globocop

Hello Ralph - so, I installed a Win instance, synced that Dimewallet, but where do I import my wallet?
All v confusing...

Run as you may! You cannot escape...the Almighty Bunghole!

Believe you me - I am not using deranged rip-off artist software for anything but this little project.

Linux & MAC...

Did everything :D

@remic2005 i need your dimecoin wallet address

Hey! Sorry, I didnt find how to get one? :(

if you need a quick one you can go to cryptopia

1800 follower is solid. You will bust 2000 very soon I bet. Nice job and hard work pays off it appears. Don't stop doing what you are doing.

What about the 50 potcoins contest... No update on that

@kelleyc won it and received her potcoin it was updated 3 days ago on that post

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