Wednesday night in South Africa. It's time to play Lotto. You have one hour to get a cut of the (prospective) winnings!

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The South African Lotto Plus lottery is an estimated R9,500,000 in tonight's draw.

At the current dollar and SBD price that translates to almost 560,000 SBD.
This post owes a big shout out to @braaiboy who inspired this series of posts and graciously agreed for me to use his original idea for inspiration. Check out his posts and show him some love.

Here's the deal

To share in the (potential) spoils all you have to do is upvote (minimum $0.01 vote value) this post and any winnings will be distributed equivalent to 90% of your vote weight compared to the total vote value received by the cut off time (8:30pm SAST on 13 June 2018). Your vote is worth $0.10 and the eventual SBD value of total eligible votes is $1.00? You get 9% of any winnings AND 9% of the SBD portion of the eventual post payout. (I take 10% of the payout as an admin fee) Does it sound sweet? Yeah, you know it does. Money for nothing and your kicks for free.

Here's the ticket as purchased by me today for tonight's draw:


You will receive a note as soon as the post pays out with your winnings. This gives me time to convert the ZAR to SBD and send you your sweet, sweet winnings.

Keep watching this space as the South African lottery plays four times a week and one upvote puts you in contention for some mad caps.

Legal crap

(Again, mad props to @braaiboy for thinking of all eventualities. Seriously guys, go check him out. His food creations look amazing and he's an awesome guy.)

  • ZAR needs to be converted into crypto, so there will be exchange rates and fees involved. This means you can't just convert ZAR to USD to Steem and expect it to sync perfectly. We need to pay the piper along the way and market volatility will screw with us. Nothing I can do about this.

  • There may be tax implications for large winnings. Any payouts you receive will be net of any applicable taxes on my side. Tax implications on your end are yours to worry (or not worry) about.

  • The maximum winnings allocated to any single vote will be 50%. We all know whales are out there and have superhuman influence. This tries to let minnows have a fair shot at some decent winnings and payout share.

  • No bot votes will be considered for payouts.

  • I also reserve the right to add more legal crap to cover crap I didn't think about.

Want to double your chances of winning? Go check out @braaiboy's feed.

He's going to keep running his own version of the lottery, so why not double your chances for one more upvote?

Stay lucky, Steemians!