30 May Powerball Lottery. More results. Still no payout.

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We did not win... We got 2 numbers though.

This was our ticket...

And here's how the draw went down:

not winning.jpg

We got balls 14 and 30 on Board A and just ball 30 on Board B and unfortunately this wasn't enough for any winnings. Second time in a row that we get two on Board A. Our luck might just turn soon.

Considering the low turnout I have decided to waive the $0.01 limit on upvotes and distribute SBD in proportion to the upvotes.

I will therefore be distributing the SBD payout (0.047 SBD) to the upvoters (less my 10% admin fee and ignoring bot votes). The eligible upvotes for this contest came from @bmj, @fates, @focusfit, @faroel, @braaiboy, @yuniswett454 and @arthurjnr.

The votes and weights come in as such:

In case you're wondering, I use this nifty little tool to determine the vote weights. I then apply the percentages of the eligible votes (ignoring bots and my own upvote (if I made one) to the final SBD amount (less 10% admin fee) as paid into my wallet. My upvote and any bot votes just boost the pool for the eligible votes.

The payout breakdowns is here:
@bmj gets 0.002 SBD
@fates gets 0.001 SBD
@focusfit gets 0.004 SBD
@faroel gets 0.005 SBD
@braaiboy gets 0.029 SBD
@yuniswett454 gets 0.001 SBD
@arthurjnr gets 0.001 SBD

Be responsible now. Don't spend it all at once.

You want more of this? Keep an eye on my feed because there are 4 chances every week. To make sure you never miss a draw set up an autovoter.

Stay lucky, Steemians!



Why do we fall..?

So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Considering the crash we've been experiencing in the last 6 months everyone has a terrible upvote. I remember when my upvote was worth 0.05.. now it's 0.01...

Yeah, it's bleak out there. My account was worth almost $400 at one point. Now it is barely over $100...