The Euro Jackpot Contest statistics after one year including thoughts of possible changes.

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I want to let you know about some figures regarding the contest

After one year, I thought it would be nice to show you some figures.
For me, it was really interesting to see these figures. I hope you like them too.

Also, I would share with you some possible changes on the contest in the (very near) future.

The chances to win in general

If you choose 2 numbers (one of my ticket and one of your own) it's 1:3.5
That means you should win at least once in a month one SBI when participating every week or 1.14 SBI per month.

If you choose 3 numbers (two of my ticket and one of your own) it's 1:17
That means you should win once in four months two SBI when participating every week or 0.5 SBI per month.

If you choose 4 numbers (three of my ticket and one of your own) it's 1:133
That means you should win once in two and a half years four SBI when participating every week or 0.13 SBI per month.

If you choose 5 numbers (four of my ticket and one of your own) it's 1:1887
That means you should win once in 36 years 12 SBI when participating every week or 0.028 SBI per month.

If you choose 6 numbers (five of my ticket and one of your own) it's 1:353132
That means you should win once in 6791 yeas 32 SBI when participating every week or 0.00039 SBI per month.

You might think: "Why doesn't he increase the SBI that can be won when choosing more numbers?"
The answer is: you can win even if I did not and this means I need to pay for STEEM/SBI even if my ticket is worthless.
If the payouts on the post were higher I would also consider to increase the SBI but - especially with HF21 coming - the payouts will decrease. At least that is what I expect and I'm not alone with this expectation.

Some overall figures

How many SBI were given away last year?

The total amount of SBI (1 SBI = 1 STEEM) given away was 290!
That's 5.6 SBI every week.

How many participations and unique participants did we have?

The total amount of entries/comments/participations was 1455 which is an average of 28 entries every week.
These entries were made by 299 unique steemians.

Development of the weekly participations

To be honest, I'm glad that not all 299 unique steemians participate every week simply because I could not handle it. I evaluate each contest manually.
Also, I had to work with restrictions again because I could not pay that ;)

Lucky and less lucky participants and personal participation figures

Who were the luckiest participants?

If one defines lucky as the amount of SBI won per participation we have these lucky steemians on top of the list:
(I will only list up to 50% luck even if everything more than 28.57% is above the average)

steemianparticipationsSBI wonluck %

Who were the unluckiest participants?

I guess you agree that the participants with the highest participation count but still 0 SBI won are very unlucky.
(I will list only the participants with 4 or more participations and 0 SBI because 3.5 participations is the average needed to win)

steemianparticipationsSBI wonluck %

Other unlucky participants are those who won but are far below expectation/average.

steemianparticipationsSBI wonluck %

Top SBI winners

Who won the most SBI?

steemianparticipationsSBI wonluck %

Top participants

Who participated the most times?
I'll list the participants who participated at least 26 times (50% of the contests).

steemianparticipationsSBI wonluck %

You can see that not only the lucky participants come back regularly. Some give up after one try but many understood the concept:
Just participate - it costs you nothing and in the long term you can only win!

Thanks to all participants so far!!!

Possible changes - for sure not final yet!

I am thinking about some changes in the near future.

  • Perhaps I have to reduce the amount of SBI that can be won (=the chances to win) because after HF21 I expect even lower ROI. This might make the contest less interesting for many participants.

  • Reintroduce the old restrictions like only the first x participants with the same number chosen from my ticket can win.

  • No more guaranteed minimum number of winners.

  • The name of the contest might change.

But these are only thoughts ... let's see how everything develops after HF21.
At least for next month, I'll try to go on like before.

If you have questions, remarks or ideas, please let me know in the comments.

You can find this week's contest here: Euro Jackpot contest #53 - Win 1 to 32 SBI (at least 5 winners guaranteed) and receive a part of the @steem-bounty!!!


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Ugh, I'm one lucky bastard. :P

I'm the biggest loser, yeah! If it was only my waistline! 😾

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And thanks for all your support all the time!!!

Thank you for having one of the best contests on Steemit @pundito 👏

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I like to be a participant in this wonderful contest!
Congratulations for your brilliant idea.

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@pundito got 6 TRDO & @ronaldoavelino got 4 TRDO!

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Thanks so much for your support and kind words!
With 48 participations you only missed 4 contests - this is unbelievable!

That moment your life tells you again that you don't have any luck - ever! :-D

Oh, please don't think like this!
With 7 participations you should have won 2 SBI (statistically) if you chose 2 numbers every time.
If you win now three times in a row you are on track again ;)


@pundito, Enjoyed this Unlucky Journey. Stay blessed.

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Thank you - you too!!!

Welcome and thank you.

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Wow! I am happy to by lucky and not sure why I have not entered more often, @pundito. I will start back. Thank you for the contest and I am wondering about sbi now too. I will still try to win it, but now is is half as valuable?

Will will see how everything develops after HF21 today.
But as long as you win the SBI it doesn't matter that must, does it? :)

Good to have you back aboard :)

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