Your apologies are graciously accepted. Nothing was explained about the bonus prize besides in the memo sending the token (and no one really reads those).

TMPS is connected to UFM because they were both created and run by @taskmanager. TMPS is meant to be like UFMs stake based voting on #upfundme posts, except as a premium service it works on any steemit post.

It's value or use isn't really explained anywhere either and people are just expected to understand or figure it out on their own.

TMPS is like a basic income plan with a cap on shares, and shares can be sold if you no longer use them... It's also different in that it pays it's daily dividends in STEEMp, allowing those with even a single token to get a share of the payout.

You are correct in your assumption that the comment left after a vote is intended to bring sales, but from people who see it not from those who won one in the UFM lottery. Comments being left after an upvote will be removed after enough people use the service.

Do you wish to continue using this service? If so I will remove you from the blacklist ASAP

Sure, let's give it a try :)
Thanks for your explanation and patience.

Have a nice weekend!

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