Thank you very much @pundito for the information, think we are still good to keep collecting SBI's in the meantime?

What I understood is that at the moment when hivebasicincome starts it will be a copy of steembasicincome. That would mean the SBI one buys now will then be available as "HBI" too.
But I do not know this for sure.
Most participants asked me to wait for the new system to be up and running and sponsor the new one.

This is almost correct.
Steem Basic Income effectively forks with the blockchain. It will still be run using the @steembasicincome account on Hive. All pre-fork subscriptions will be active on both chain. All post-fork enrollments will only be active on the chain where the enrollment is received.

Thanks for clarifying @steembasicincome

Thanks for clarifying!!!

Thanks for the information @pundito.