Best Comment Contest no. 3 | Answer and win 1 SBD

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Welcome back...

I'm back with another contest for you guys. I am willing to give 1 SBD one person who makes the most valuable comment here.

I will ask you a question and all you got to do is follow the rules mentioned below:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Answer the question given below
  4. Only one person will be chosen and the reward will be given once this post gets its reward


"Do you think will become the next Facebook?"


  1. Answer the question in simple English
  2. Do not make any personal comment on anyone

That's all folks, answer and win.

Will meet you guys soon.

Take Care

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I really hope will never become like facebook, because Facebook is a kind of scam platform that steal your time! ;) LOL

"Do you think will become the next Facebook?"
it is very possible, since as technology advances users realize that facebook does not pay for what you post on your wall, part that sells your personal data, steemit on the other hand if you pay and seeks users to make publications original and be creative.
Greetings from Venezuela

No I don't think that is going g to be the next Facebook.I think it has the technical aspects to even surpass the Facebook.Although it's a very long road but steemit can make this possible. When Facebook was launched their their was no competition to its product , no other company even came close to challenging it's monopoly.
But in steemit with the block chain technology, a very robust reward system and it's users so dedicated that they are bringing in new users very day there is a very a very good chance that steemit can be the next generation social media platform connecting the world

Do you think will become the next Facebook?

Most of those who enter steemit do so because of the economic income it generates, because as you know, for every publication they make they can make money, but steemit is more than that, yes, it is excellent that you can make money, but when you give account of all the good things that this community has the money you generate goes to the background, I tell you this because it was what happened to me. At the beginning I found it interesting that you could earn financially on this network, but once I entered I realized all the wonderful things that the Steemit community has. I loved the idea of ​​being able to write whatever I wanted, where I could interact with people from other countries, learn from each one of those who make up this network, know different points of view, find people who think, who comment, who express themselves in words, photographs, videos, contests, etc.

Finally I can conclude that Steemit has no comparison with Facebook. It is much more comprehensive, interactive, fun, productive and interesting than Facebook.

Hello , I think not because each one has different visions and on facebook, you do not receive income, plus steemit is improving as time passes and your income will go up and be updated more as the technology advances and it will be more than a social network

yes, people now are shifting from facebook to steemit with their content,upvote are incentivized.

No, I don't think so. Steemit becoming the next Facebook is basically me equating the future steemit to Facebook. As it stands, I'd rather interact with users on steemit as I realise that steemit is a community that does more than "pay you for good content."
Steemit is a family. I have seen reputable people organize fundraisers for people they don't know and do a whole lot of cool stuff. So it's beyond having tons of friends or just being popular. It's about helping the next person to be better and adding value to society.