Time to Giveaway some Steem! My Wallet Value is Dangerous!

in #contest2 years ago (edited)

How about a quick draw!

I just looked in my wallet and the account value is:



And I am not scared or troubled by numbers.... but hey! It is an excuse to give away some Steem!


First Four people to Reply, in the first 1 hour of this post Will get 0.25 Steem each! (if any of the first 4 are outside of one hour... then they get 0.15 Steem.)

Everyone that leaves any comment in the first 1.0 hour will get a 100% upvote / $0.05.

This contest isn't huge, but top four prizes are worth nearly $1 USD each at current market price. Easiest money you'll ever make!





@dragonpower Power this post up

Wow, thank you @whalepower !!
I do like a little powering up! That is always nice!

Very generous bro!!
I know you bring some nice smiles to everyone's face!!

Thank you! I always appreciate your help and encouragement!
And yes, More Smiles is Super Nice!!

Great contest, thanks for the free money! ;-)

Thank you for making my Wallet Value more LOVERLY!

#2 Congratulations!!!

I love winning contests! Thank you @public-eye!


I'll help you get rid of that unlucky number. 😉
I like your profile pic too. 😀

Thank you!! He is my favorite Dr rendition!

#4 Congratulations!!!

And you close out the QUICK DRAW for today! Good job!!

Woo hoo! Thank you!

You are welcome!!

You are too generous! Thanks for what you're doing for us!

Hey!!! how have you been?

You just barely missed this one! So close, but you'll get upvotes as a consolation prize!!

Busy, Busy! Trying to learn about Steemit and spreading the word!

That is a real full time job! Don't ignore or neglect your Real Life things.... it is easy to do when you go "All in on Steemit!"

You're absolutely right! I've been guilty of that and recently I've had lots of reminders- including your comment- to keep the main things the main things.

Woow.... what a cheerful giver you are. More blessings I pray for you

Thank you! It is the only type of giver I know how to be!

Oh God!!! Am i late!!!!

You aren't too late for upvotes! So that is something! :D

For the Top 4 prizes, yes, they have already been claimed!

But here is an upvote for stopping by!

Oh I love these! Count me in!
And thank you for replying and chatting with Luke over at the @craigcryptoking contest...

#1 Congratulations!!!

Wow! Yes oh yes oh yes!

I keep trying to win for @craigcryptoking's contest but miss it! But I won yours! Thank you so very much!!!!

If you give me some Steem now.... are you giving away the bad Steems? I don't know that I want those!!! lol

Hope Craig can continue his contest! Still the top prize to give away.

Oh, the nice ones of course.... no need to worry! ;-D

#3 Congratulations!!!

YAY!!! Thank you very much!!

Oh no!!!
How did I miss this ? tears

Did i miss it ?

you're a generous man.

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