We Draw the Letter N Contest, by @ran.koreesteemCreated with Sketch.

in contest •  4 months ago 

Letter N gif 3.gif

This is my entry into @ran.koree's We Draw the Letter N Contest. Here are the steps I took to make my entry. I had to make layers so that when put together it would look as though little 'n' was walking around capital 'N'.

n 1.jpg
n 2.jpgn 3.jpg
n 4.jpgn 5.jpg
n 6.jpgn 7.jpgn 8.jpgn 9.jpgn 10.jpgn 11.jpgn 12.jpgn 13.jpgn 14.jpg

No other sources were used in making my N...just Paint and GIMP applications.

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