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RE: CONTEST: My 2018 - This is my Hobby | 100 SBD in Prizes!

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You got to this one before me...and I saw entries all over the contest tag today. Must be fate.

Tomorrow is another post :-)

Something tells me you've got @ginabot finely tuned to those contest tags and all the keywords related to writing :) I need to crack the secret combination...

GinaBOT? GinaBOT? Nah, this is all manual.

You have my respect (^-^)ゝ

Good thing you "Never Give Up" (@iamthegray).

Moneyinfant: 128
Plushzilla: 1


Is there a writing contest about luck? I think I definitely got lucky this time :D

I'll let you know if I come across one LOL

And thank you @moneyinfant for drawing me to this contest

I'm going to send in an entry

Are you?

I really have no time to actually enter the contests :)

I'll be looking forward to seeing your name on the winners list however.


Thanks for the encouragement

I'm publishing it now

I'm ALL about encouragement. Think how good I'll feel if you win!

Great Entry for this contest. @plushzilla is one of the most helpful and dediacted to steemit persons i know she is also very altrustic giving. I wish you all the best @plushzilla :)

You are much too kind @mihail.tsvetkov :) There are many more people that are working hard to make Steemit such a great place but don't get the acknowledgement they deserve. It's great to see everyone learning and growing on the platform, it's good to hear from you again :)

:) We all grow and the platforme growing as well