Tipping Contest: win upvote for your right tip! Match of the week: WASHINGTON - LAS VEGAS (NHL final) — Steemit

Tipping Contest: win upvote for your right tip! Match of the week: WASHINGTON - LAS VEGAS (NHL final)

in contest •  6 months ago

Hi Steemers!

I am coming with another round of my tipping contest. This time around, you can place your tips on a super attractive match - the third game of the NHL final WASHINGTON CAPITALS vs. LAS VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS that will take place in Washington at 8:00 P.M. (local time) on Saturday, June 2.

Source: Flickr (Creative Commons)

In the last round, you could submit your tips on the Champions League final match REAL MADRID vs. LIVERPOOL FC. The result of the game is: Real - Liverpool 3:1.

I received almost 70 tips on the match and 4 of them proved to be right! Those 4 correct tips were submitted by: @matkodurko, @godfish, @storner and @dubydoo25. Congratulation guys, your comments with the right tips have already been upvoted :)

Before you submit your tips on the upcoming match WASHINGTON - LAS VEGAS, please make sure to read the rules of the tipping contest.

1. Only one tip per person for each match.
2. Only tips submitted before the game will be accepted.
3. The tip must include the full score (for example 2:1) not just “home team win”.
4. No editing. Once you submit your tip, you cannot change it.

Upvotes and resteems are not required but will be highly appreciated as it will help raise awareness about the contest on the platform.

I choose matches from different sports to satisfy most sport fans but you can mainly expect the most popular sports such as football (soccer), ice hockey, basketball, tennis, baseball etc.

The next day after the match, first five competitors who submitted the correct tip will get my full upvote (currently worth about $ 0.50). I know it is not much but if the contest proves to be popular and successful enough, I might fund the prize with some SBD.

You can start submitting your tips in the comments below. Good luck to all competitors!

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Washington - Las Vegas 3-1


Congrats, your tip was right :)

i think Washington - Las Vegas 3-1


Congratulation, your tip was correct :)

Washington - Las Vegas 3-4

Washington - Las Vegas 3-2

Washington - Las Vegas 4:3

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Washington - Las Vegas 3-4 OT

Washington - Las Vegas 5-2

Washington - Las Vegas 2-5

Washington - Las Vegas 5-3

Washington 2 - Vegas 4

Vegas will beat Washington 4:2.

Washington - Las Vegas 4-2

Washington - Las Vegas 2-3

Washington 4, Los Vegas 3

Washington - Las Vegas 2-4

Washington - Las Vegas 4-2

Washington 3
Lad Vegas 4

Washington - Las Vegas 4-3

Capitals 3-2 Golden Knights

and the result is?