Pepe Cross-chain community Contest- Lambo Meme 🐸💲🍻😎

in #contest3 months ago

Hello members of the #pepe community from all blockchains in this crosschain movement 🐸

If feels good to be alive, and I wanted to remind all of you that the #memechallenge ends this Friday, with Ecency, BLURT and STEEM rewards for one winner on each chain. It's time to get ready to drive those Lambos when Pepe token hits the Moon 🚀🚀🚀


I want to reward good memes. Make sure to add an explanation, use the #pepe tag and leave the meme's location on one of the @pepe.voter posts as a reply.

Thanks again to @flaxz and @offgridlife for your ongoing support. I want to keep rewarding the community, so any delegation helps.

I opened @pepe.voterdbuzz to showcase the community as well on Blurt Social. I regularly post fun and engaging links on @dbuzz, and hope you'll join me there.

Feels Good man 🐸. Thanks all, and let's build something.

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