## ๐Ÿ˜‰ Crazy Game+1 SBD AS A PRIZE ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚+ The winner of the 3rd edition

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Dear STEEMIANS, Every one is invited to participate this contest just for enjoying our times here... It will take you less than 2 seconds.

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  • Form the sentence and past it in a comment.
  • Upvote this post with the voting power you want.
  • Resteem this post.
  • Dead line of this contest : 09 May 2018 ( 12:00 GMT )

Winner and prize

  • The winner which his comment will get the high number of upvotes.

  • The prize will be 1 SBD , you will receive it after 1 day from the dead line of this funny competition.

Let's Begin

firstly, chose the word next to your birthday month...

-Jenuary : I upvoted
-February : I flagged
-March : I replied to
-April : I followed
-May : I bought upvotes from
-June : I sell upvotes to
-Jully : I resteemed the post of
-August : I slept with
-September : I kissed
-October : I dated
-November : I married
-December : I went out with


1: Utopian
2: A whale
3: My leader
4: who has a lot f SP
5: My friend
6: The boss
7: A Plankton
8: A Dolphin
9: A Minnow
10: My team
11: Shakira
12: My fiancรฉ
13: My girl friend
14: My boy friend
15: A monkey
16: A curator
17: A witness
18: The most dangerous criminals
19: A Minnow
20: An animal
21: A bot
22: Cheetah
23: A contest
24: A post
25: An artist
26: A community
27: A Seller of upvotes
28: An account
29: A singer
30: An animal
31: Meme challenge


-A: To increase my reputation
-B: Because i hate him/her
-C:To get 5 steem
-D: Because i am unlucky
-E: Because i am a stupid
-F: Because i don't like him/her/it
-G: Because i am the best
-H: To get more upvotes
-I : Because of my value
-J: To not be a loser
-K: Because i love him/her
-L: Because i am not easy
-M: Because he is ugly
-N: And my mother was too glad
-O: To be removed from the blacklist
-P: To be famous
-Q: To get resteems
-R: To get delegation
-S: For money
-T: Because i loose my mind
-U: To not be disappointed
-V: Because i am better than him/her
-W: Because he's crazy
-X: To get followers
-Y: And i felt so happy
-Z: To enjoy my time

We have a winner for the 3rd edition. Say Congratulation to our great steemian @gellyarenas .


Here is the screenshot of winner's comment


Here is the transfer of the prize to the winner


Congratulation @gellyarenas

For the others, thank you so much, i appreciate your participations and encourage me to organize other contests for fun with prizes like this one. All your comments were so funny and i enjoyed them. Thank you for your work

Here is the link to the previous episode

Be ready to participate in this funny game in order to save the smiles on steemians' lips. Thank you for the new Moroccan members who joined us everyday.


Thank you


We will see a special thing.....Now tell us in a comment the exotic sentence you formed from the words chosen.... Thank you

I wish you liked my short game... With much love

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I went out with a plankton because I am a stupid. Hahaha

You are the winner

I sell upvotes to who has a lot f SP Because he is ugly
Muy entry friends @pedroo

I reestemed the post of a whale to get upvotes

I need to sip my tea, with steemit โ˜• coming out, and i will dream it , that steem and sbd goes up like an aroused man ready for the bed game

Everyone can do whatever he likes, no one can tell you what you should do with steemit. Everyone chooses how he lives her life or practices his favourite habits. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your great opinion

I resteemed the post of an animal to get 5 steem.

ย 3 years agoย (edited)

"I married A Dolphin To get 5 steem" I really like dolphin rather than 5 steem~ lolz

I resteemed the post of My team Because i am a stupid my entry @pedroo

"I slept with An account And my mother was too glad"
Jajaja good contest!

I slept with My team Because i am not easy
Hhhhh wa l7ma9 hada

I bought upvotes from An animal Because i am not easy

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Thank you, excellent post. @henpar