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Giveaway Announcement

Hey guys, today I am starting a new giveaway. My giveaways are not just normal giveaways. They are special. Why? Because I created a system in which you decide what the winning price will be. The way you can rise the winning price in this giveaway is to get more people in. That’s all, it’s that simple. You must get in as many people as possible so that I can give more and to more people. I want to do this because I want to help everyone get rich by supporting them.

Here is how it works

I am going to give 5SBD to the winner. Then for every 15$ on this post I am going to give another 1SBD. To make this giveaway even more special I will choose one more winner who will win 50% of the final winning price for every 30$ on this post.

Example: Let’s say there are 30$ on this post. I will giveaway 5SBD (the original winning price) + 2SBD (because there are 2 times more $). The final winning price is then 7SBD and I will choose another winner who will win 3,5SBD.

Rules to enter the giveaway:

Comment “Done” and say something nice

I will post winner/s in the next giveaway announcement which will be next Wednesday. This way you have time to get most people in. So please resteem, tell all your friends to participate and promote this post as much as you can so that you can win more. I wish you all luck!

Winner of my latest giveaway: @sarimanis



Good luck to everyone.

Done and may the 4th be with you

hi friends. I have upvote you. maybe you can visit to see my post. thank you


I know that this contest or giveaway will create a lot of changes in the world of Plankton's and that will make it to be noticed in this platform

Thanks for doing this friend .

Wow. Thank you so much for your kind feedback.

I am very happy with this victory, thanks for your gift .. I hope your contest can continue to grow to be one of the best contest ..

Thank you for participating! That is exactly what my goal is with this contest.

Hello @, when people reach the goal, they must continue to maintain the level, which drives them to start the race. Success for you!!

Thank you very much!

Participating, resteem and upvote. I'll tell my friends, to attract more people to the draw. I hope you have a lot of success, luck and happiness to the next winners, best regards!


Being yourself in a world that does everything possible to make you similar to others is the conclusion that I have come to what Steemit means. To the top you do not get overcoming others but surpassing yourself, what you do for you vanishes when you die. What you do for the rest makes up your legacy.

That is very well put, I agree with you!

Hello The sky is nice


It seems that soon this contest will continue to grow into a big contest, if that's the case I hope you will consider doing it every day.

If this contest will become big one day I am pretty sure that I will do it every day.

Fact! I wish you many successes and blessings in this great community.


In my modest opinion, in steemit is better write what you want, in a genuine and sincere way..

You are absolutely right.

excellent contest, so we learn more. Thank you

You are a hero for small fish ..😊😊

Done,,glad to participate in your contest, hopefully can win so I can build a reputation in Steemit ..

Great contest for you.

I want to tell you that the ant is four feet long, but if it is measured by its own foot ..😊😊

Done..I have done all the terms, by resteem, upvote and following you,this is hope to bring good luck to me ..

I love you @patrik.malinsky..😘


I am sure you are a Czech, I really hope to visit your country, I heard that Prague is a very beautiful city ..

Done..I wan to participate in your contest every time..
Good work..

In every contest that we follow there must be competition, but we must fight maximally in order to win it ..

Thanks for doing this. More grease to your elbow

Hi @patrik.malinsky Done
Thanks for your great support i hope u get many people here
I hope to be a lucky winner to help some dogs and cat in need. Have a great day.

Your contest is very interesting, and very easy .. Happy to be able to join in it ..

Hopefully there will be contests like this.
Have a nice Day..

Hopefully more success @patrik.malinsky

You can't go around building a better world for people. Only people can build a better world for people. Otherwise it's just a cage.

Congratulations!! You are the winner of this contest!

Wow thanks, I am very happy to be a winner in this contest, I hope more winnows will be the winners in this contest in the future so they can do better. Best regards

Fact! I hope you continue to ascend in this great community, many successes!

Done, this contest is great, I wish you many successes and blessings friend, greetings!

Done How exciting when people like you make this kind of contribution to help us grow, every time I see this I am very excited and I look forward to winning because it would help me a lot to defeat the crisis in my country Venezuela, I send you a great hug you have my support

“Done” I really like this idea.. I just started entering contests but this seems like a great one

Done! I hope your giveaway will be successful😊

excellent way to help the little ones, thanks

I like your kind heart that believes in supporting others.
I pray this post generates enough to fulfil your promise.
Because it's usually minnows that have little sp that participate in this kind of giveaways.
Let's hope it works out great.
All rules, observed.

Done...being the best is hard but i will keep trying to be the best ..


I love you..😘😘

Great contest..

Loyalty is the most sacred nature of the human heart .. I hope your loyalty ..😀😀😀😀

Loyalty is the most sacred nature of the human heart .. I hope your loyalty ..😀😀😀😀

Done...congratulations to the winner,.hopefully I'm win it yesterday.

Something Nice
Ha, Ha, just kidding!
Thanks for the Contest!
You have a great (giving) heart!

It is great contest.

It is worth more what is exceeded to achieve that what you achieved

Don. You win a new follower!

Thanks for this contest
it would help me alot with my pregnancy
i hope to be lucky :)

Although I do not understand any further, I am interested in entering your contest, who knows I am lucky ..

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