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What a super week we had last week with new entries coming in at the last minute.

Our winners @kjablonski and @shaewebbmusic sent in happy songs that made me smile.
Other entries came in from @edenmichelle @leelektrik @danshaw and @lizzvox

I've asked them all to send in another entry this week

Let's get into the Christmas Spirit - We already have one entrant for this week


Thank you so much to all our sponsors:
whoo hoo - This week @offoodandart one of our esteemed judges, has added 10 SBD to the prize pool so we will need to add to prizes - thank you so much for this and for your valuable time in judging the competition as well. We all know what a difficult job it is to judge - especially when all the entries were well deserving.

@akrid has given us 40 Whaleshares - I will discuss with the judges how they want to distribute these - thank you so very much @akrid

@lindahas has given us 5 LFN Coins which we will use to upvote the winners posts in the final week.
Thank you @lindahas

Once again a big thank you to @progressivechef who found the time to give us some upvotes in his busy schedule and donated 10 SBD to the competition.

And our other judge @ideagenerator - Tudor Ozy - community manager for VIEWLY who generously gave 10 STEEM to the prize pool

Lastly I want to thank the entrants - what would this be without you guys.

Please resteem the post and ask your musician friends to send in an entry. Can be instrumental also - any Christmas song.

I have also contributed $8 per week for prizes

So - let's enjoy the generosity - and share some Christmas bounty. The SBD is worth a lot more right now.smallpanda (14).jpg

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Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

Hey! Going to post for this but don't know where to? Any rules I need to know?? Don't want to waste my entry! Xx, Kay :)


Hey Kay - sorry I only saw this message now. Sorry - was my son's birthday today so been out all day. Please post your entry onto https://steemit.com/viewly/@pandamama/calling-singers-and-musicians-week-2-post-your-entries-here
Please use Christmas Competition week #2 as your title followed by the name of the song. Also please add viewly, promo-steem and songcompetition to your tags - Also please resteem the post - No other rules
Look forward to hearing your entry @kayclarity