4 DAYS LEFT | 10,000 STEEM (1300 USD) ProximaX.io Writing Contest | CateredContent.com | DTube Supported!

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ProximaX.io has sponsored a writing contest!

There is a 1300 USD writing contest running on CateredContent.com

At the current STEEM price that is 10,000 STEEM!

Participate By Clicking Here

Event Type: Writing Contest + Bounty
Deadline: Oct 02 2019

Lot's of ways to earn STEEM/ETHEREUM

There is lots of way to participate!

You can participate for a bigger prize by writing an article about ProximaX.io and posting it on Steemit or Medium, or you can win a smaller prize by participating in the bounty which includes sending out a Tweet, making a YouTube/DTube video or posting on Instagram.

How do I write a good article?

Need some examples of good works? Look at a previous event and see the winner's list!

For example, this is a previous event where the winners are announced.

Here are some examples of winners from the last event:

As the bonuses, you just send out a Tweet or Instagram post with a message about Proximax.io!

How and when do I get paid?

When you make an account CateredContent.com you can go to your Profile page and add an Ethereum address, or alternatively we will just use your STEEM account name to pay out the prize!

How to Participate:

The short explanation is simple:

  1. Go to https://cateredcontent.com/events/xpx1
  3. Now submit links to the article you prepared for the contest!

Don't forget to update your profile with your wallet information to make sure you get your payment fast!

Hint: Scroll down to the bottom of any event page to see the 30 most recent submissions!

What is ProximaX?

ProximaX is a platform for easy-to-use application and service development. Instead of solely focusing on blockchain technology ProximaX is a set of tools for developers to use in order to build their applications while taking advantage of the inherent benefits of blockchain technology.

ProximaX is beyond making a new blockchain, or killer app use case. ProximaX is on a mission to make a fully fledged platform for universal application development; with blockchain as a value anchor among the builders, funders, and consumers of its new technological paradigm.

Read About ProximaX.io On The Contest Page!

ProximaX Additional Resources


Am in for this💪

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...unfortunately, it had to be excluded from curation because you recently bought a vote from a bid bot. In our efforts to support #newsteem, authors who participate in vote buying are not eligible for our votes.

But don't worry. It only takes 7 days of not buying votes to be able to receive our vote again, so maybe one of your next posts will make it!

Take care and steem on!

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