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The 1300 USD writing contest on CateredContent.com is about to end!

At the current STEEM price that is about ~10,000 STEEM!

Event Type: Writing Contest + Bounty
Deadline: Oct 02 2019

Remember: The better your article the bigger the prize!

Participate By Clicking Here


  • If publishing an article, the higher the quality the more the rewards!
  • Don't forget to go to your profile and update your wallet information. This way we can process your winning immediately!
  • ProximaX.io Mainnet is live as of September 25th!
  • You can participate in just the bounty for smaller prizes.
  • That's right! Instead of YouTube you can submit DTube as well!
  • All current events are listed on the main page.
  • We are currently accepting submissions on Medium, Steemit, Publish0x, YouTube/DTube Twitter or/and Instagram.

    Participate By Clicking Here

    Participate By Clicking Here

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Hi! I heard about this competition a little late. Can I still participate? Or is it too late?

There is still time!

I think I can have my article finished today. I hope to finish on time

Hi! I've been working all day on my article, I hope it can be taken into account. Thank you so much! https://steemit.com/proximax/@flaws/te-presento-a-proximax-un-ledger-integrado-y-distribuido-de-siguiente-generacion

Great one, thanks for that! I published it before I went to bed, submitted it on the site.. do I need to leave the link in a comment somewhere on steemit as well? If so please let me know.. so my entry is not invalid :) I spent so much time on the post lol..

@originalworks @cateredcontent

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