What Did Grandma Say?(First Thanksgiving Contest by @olivia08)

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This is my last hugged with my grandmother during my vacation last 2014.I loved her so much.She died last 2015.

Hi, it's me @olivia08 and I just got 500 followers in Steemit. A milestone I did not expect because I don't really expect much of what I do here in Steemit. I want to thank all my followers but holding an easy contest and this is all for you.

My theme for this contest is about our Grandmas advices that rings in our heads. I am already a grandma and I feel that we need to think about our grandma once in awhile. My grandma's death anniversary is coming up, that is also the reason why I feel so emotional about grandmas.

Contest Rules:
In the comment section below, tell us about the things you recall most about your grandma. Tell us a wonderful story about you and your grandma. You can include a picture of yourself and your lola or just your lola if you have them but it is not necessary. Please upvote and resteem this contest. All comments should be English to qualify.

1st Prize: 3 SBD
2nd Prize: 2 SBD
1st Prize: 1 SBD

The judge of the contest is my good friend, @mermaidvampire.

The contest will run for a week from this posting or until the payout.

Again, thank you for following me here in Steemit and for supporting me in what I do here. I appreciate all of you. Please join my contest, this is the first contest I have and it will make me happy if this is going to be successfull. God bless us all.

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Loving you,

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Hi ate @olivia08, congrats for the milestone. Here's my entry:


My nanay with my niece. She's always happy to carry her great grand child.

Nanay Ceding as how we call her. She's a short lady but she was hardworking, she carries a heavy bucket full of fishes and sell it on the highways, she'd walk for miles just so she can sell everything. Her back hurts but she never complains about the heavy load. My grandfather was a fisherman and the fishes my nanay would sell were his fresh catch.

Another thing that I love about my nanay was her cooking. She always cook a local dish we refer as "inun-onan" where she wrapped them in young banana leaves and cook it in a mud pot.

After she had been bedridden and couldn't cook anymore, I have never tasted any inun-onan as tasty as my nanay's.

Her suman as well is something that I adore. She would often ask me to help her rub coconut shreds into the banana leaves and even help roll the suman even if I was bad at rolling them.

Relate much..Oh.so adorable..same as my nanay lola,she was selling salted fish before..
Thank you for joining my contest @junebride many of us love our grandma s

Your grandmother was a very sweet woman. I can imagine how much you loved her and she loved you.

My grandma has always been a sweet woman to me too, but she was also my hero. I lived in a big city when I was a kid, my grandma took me and my friend to a movie. To get there we had to take the subway train. When we were at the station my friend didn't listen to the alarm that rang, telling us the doors were going to close, we would have to wait for the next subway train.

My friend ran into the train while the doors were closing. My grandother didn't think twice and put herself between the closing door so the train could not leave. She wanted to prevent the train to leave the station while my friend was in it. It scared me that she did that, but I also thought she was very brave.
My grandma passed away, but she lived a long and happy life. I am very grateful for having her in my life for so long.

We both love our grandmother as they love us.Thank you so much for your nice entry.

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This is my participation in this wonderful contest:

In this photo I was one year old. I was wearing a pink dress that was a gift of my grandmother.
I’m from Venezuela, here we says “Abuela” and that meaning “grandma”, but I din’t call her “abuela” but “mamagrande”(That mens “Big mother”), because of my mother. She says that to call her “abuela” was to say her “very very very old woman”. Then my “abuela” was ever for me “mamagrande”. She was of dark skin and ever smiled.
She smoked with the cigarette fire inside his mouth and never burned. She was a descendant of African slaves who had escaped and they got used to smoking in this way so that at night they could not discover where they were by the light of the tip of the cigarette. She liked help everybody and in the place where we lived everybody loved her.
I remind a Mother’s Day that I saw my sister Marcia gave a gift to my mother and another to “mamagrande”. Then I run and the gift my sister gave me for my mother I give it to “mamagrande” and after said my sister gave me the another gift for my mother, and when she said that there were no other nor money to buy it I felt me very sad.
My “mamagrande” was very special, a grandmother that gave a lot of love to her grandsons and grandsons outsiders.
She had many wise words. I remember these: "Fortune tellers do not know where evil comes from, when evil is for them they can not guess"
She died when I was eight years old.

I say that the most wonderful story of me and my “mamagrande” (grandmother) was to grow learning with her example to love and to do well to everybody. She ever had her hands open for help everybody, at day, at night. Ever looked for the solutions of troubles of all family, neighbors and people unknown.
That was her wonderful story and her wonderful heritage

What a great story my dear.You remind me of my dear grandmother who loved me so much.She taught me how to be strong and be a good woman.
Thank you for your entry and I am so happy to meet you from Venezuela.I feel wonderful having you as first entry.Nice meeting you my friend.

Hello, @olivia08, It's a very good thing to have 500 followers!!!

This is my participation in your nice contest:
My grandamother "Mom Anne"
The grandmothers left many teachings. Mine (Mom Ana) did not stop saying daily:"There are two important commandments: Love God above all things and all the people around the world".
When a neighbor got sick she would visit him to help in any way she could.
I also remember that she taught me to thanks: "Carmencita, when someone does you a help, you should always give thanks"
I did not understand much but I answered: "Yes, grandma, I will thank before I leave" I do not know where I planned to go, but I always said it that way.
There are so many things that grandmas taught before: values, family formation, now that the home has lost that education and grandmothers are modern, many do not even like to be called "grandmother". Well, the world changes. Or are people the ones that change?

Thank you so much and so welcome.
The wonder of what happened to the world and people now is not normal.At least we belong to the old people and we could able to share it to our next generation..Thank you so much my dear.

This is my participation in the contest...
My grandmother was called Rebeca, and when I was little I remember that she was very concerned about teaching me how to iron, she called me when she was ironing my dad's pants and she said: "you should fold it like this", as with shirts. He always repeated "you must iron your husband's shirts like that". It was also very special the songs that he sang to my brother and me, I still remember them: There was Mr. Don Gato, sitting on his roof, meow, meow, meow meow, sitting on his roof; when he received a letter, that if he wanted to be married, meow, meow, meow meow, if he wanted to be married; with a white kitten, daughter of a black kitten miau, miau, miau miau, daughter of a black kitten ....

I loved that song and especially the security and comfort that I felt I would repeat with my future children.

Thanks @olivia08 for making me remember such good times ... Congratulations for your 500 followers


Thank.you so.much @sandrapatricia.you.are welcome.We loved and missed our grandmother

Hello @olivia08, this is the photo of my grandmother:

Rosa Matilde Hernandez de Hernandez was the name of my grandmother. She was born in Villa de Cura, Aragua Venezuela, was the second of three brothers, married my grandfather Nerio Hernández Rodríguez and had two children: Guillermo who is my dad and Matilde, my aunt.

I do not know what to tell you because she was not a good grandmother.

They lived in a very big house with a huge patio where we played, they had fruit trees and we spent them riding in those bushes of guava, mandarin, eating the fruits.

My grandmother made bread cakes to sell, my grandmother also embroidered and sewed, especially children clothes.
I remember that in the afternoons she would always go out to visit her relatives and I would go with her, so I would take advantage and play with the cousins.

Why you say your grandmother was not good?anyway thank you for dropping by

Sweet memories with your grandmother.

I call my two Grammys both on mother's side and father's side "Lola"

I havent been with them for such a long time. Will now talk about my Lola on my father side since my Lola on my mother's side already passed away. My Lola or I sometimes call her "Inay Tina" is a sweet Lola. She would spoil me a lot. Prepare me coffee, snacks on the afternoon or even at night.

She tells me all the time that I needed to pursue myself to be successful in life so that I will be the one who will take care of her when she gets really really old. She meant I will support her financially. Hahaha. So be it, will extend my help to her if I can. Thanks for this contest nay Deevi. Good luck to everyone who participated!

Kaya pala gusto maging cryptonaire c @fycee dong @otom dahil kay lola niya.
You are so sweet and keep it up.We really love our lola.
Salamat sa pagsali kahit busy sa crypto.
May contest pala @fycee @otom tungkol sa @crypto
@originalwork grabe ang pa premyo 70 steem at pinska lowest is 1.5 steem consolation

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anong contest nay Deevi

Yan mag blog tungkol sa crypto..agay ko mganda idea ninyo dito.yo g pinay nanalo ng 56 steem the other month.Kinahanglan lang mgbasa kasi da topic.Parang promotion din sa cya.JThis week tspos na .Every 3days cla mgkaroon at condolation 2steem .

Hello everybody, what a nice contest. Congratulations @olivia08 for your 300 followings. Excuse my very little English, I'm from Venezuela in Amèrica, there we speak Spanish.

This is my grandmother with me when I was a baby. She died when I was twelve, and the day when
she was buried, it was my birhtday thirteen. It was very sad for me for that I understand you, @olivia08.
My grandmother was very kind and I was her consented grandson. I remember that she and I
made a mischief together: eating powdered milk with sugar hiding from my parents .

This is my grandmother with my cousins.

So cute.Thank you friends sharing your story my dear.No.problem with English,I do the same.What is important that you.have your entry and I.understand what you meant to say.Yu Ti Amo anigo.

Hi @olivia08, congratulations for your 500 followers. I hope this numbre be growing ever more and more. Nice contest. I wish to participate. Only be patient with my little English.

No worries my dear.we are the same .im waiting fir your entry.
Thank you

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