Macro Photo I.D Weekly Contest No'5

in #contest6 years ago (edited)

While wondering about the need to raise the challenge level of my macro contests, I stumbled upon that lil' thingy sitting on my coffee table in the living room 😄

There, thats enough clues 😉 plus it's something that been Accompanying most of us a big part of the day.

And that's it no more clues!

Sooooo try and guess WTF is that ⤵️


Contest Rules

Upvote, Follow and Resteem this post.

Leave a comment with your answer - Everyone get to comment only one answer.

I'll choose randomly, 2 lucky winners from all of you who gave the correct answer, and send them 3 SBD prize each.

The contest ends 1 week from this post publication.

To show my great appreciation, I'll upvote each and every comment no matter if it has the correct answer.

Do Notice
I will not tolarate cheating - or in other words do not open multiple accounts to submit more than 1 answer per person.
Mama didn't raise no fool so know that I can verify each answer and every account.


LG G6+ Cam



I think it is telephone recever

I think it is black button

I believe it's a button.

I think it is black button

I think this is coffee drops on a cloth

Button of a remote control product

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