🥇 400 Followers Contest Winner 🥇And Another Contest On The Way!!! 🏆

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Soooo the big winner in my 400 followers contest is...

Image taken from pixabay


Congratz 🎊🎉

The prize will be sent to you in the following day 😊

And now for my next contest ( just because I want to 😉 no special reason 😄) :




  1. Upvote and resteem this post

  2. Upload via comment your graetest flower picture,
    and It must be a picture you took.

  3. The picture with the highest number of votes wins 5 SBD and the picture I like most wins 2 SBD.

  4. Contest ends in 1 week when the post gets paid.

  5. No vote selling pls, in case of vote selling the first place winner will also be chosen by me 🙈🙉🙊


And good luck to ya'll 😎

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Thanks @nv21089 for this great contest, and good luck to all the participants! This is my entry, my best flower shot ever. Or let's say the most beautiful flower I ever met!
It's a bush in Cameroon, that only grows flowers during dry season and only grows leaves during wet season.

this is my entry for flower photo contest.I Capture this photo with my #Samsung S7 Edge.
@nv21089 thanks for this contest i resteem your post and upvoted.

This is awesome! did you recognize the fibonacci spirals in the middle?!

thanks brother

Great pic 😎

@nv21089 who is win this contest.you did not announce.??

Nice Lively picture! @sunny.sam Good Luck

Thanks for this contest, I got the price and I'm very happy as it comes handy. God bless you.

Here's my entry for this week contest.


Source: Redmi Note 4

You're welcom 😎


I feel like taking a snap by this flower side, this is lovely with green, and red colour showing the sign of cultivation on the right time. Wishing you the very best @seento

So cute
I love them



Goodluck man

U deserve it

Dear friends an participants 😎 Due to vote selling my contest I WILL CHOOSE the winner with the best pic by myself and not by the number of votes.

Its a real shame that some ppl are just dishonest and by that destroying the fun for everybody else.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good day Sir,

Vote selling is really a very bad idea and could be liking to cheating. I would never in my life cheat a fellow man. With all Sincerity, I solicited for every vote from my friends by chatting them up, if I ever pay anyone let the person come forward that being said.

Logically, the question would be that you never mention my name, so why are my making a fuss about it ? But being a participant if you fail to mention a name, then all of us are suspect and no one is free of your allegation.

My reputation matters to me alot and on this ground, I am withdrawing from this contest. I'm glad I won the first one and I wish future participants success.

Thanks everyone for your support, your time and your upvote. I feel loved and I'm grateful. I love you all

here my entry for this contest thanks for the oppertunity image taken by me with me Camera Phone ISO 125 1/50 f I 1.7 4.2 mm i hope you will like it.

Wow!! Real nice bro 😎

thank yew 😊

Wow.... Wow.... Wow..... This i

tenk you 😎

ohh my dear what a Shot.. Love to see It..Owesome one You Should be winner 😘

Muy bonita.!

Brilliant image


Good luck!

These flowers are so tiny and cute I feel like I want them on my Ravioli haha

Wow nice post @nv21089

Well you got me there lol 😂 but still it qualifies 😄

Please vote my new post

Guava Flower


Cool 😎

Thank you @nv21089 😊😊

Here is my entry
Thanks for this opportunity...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You're welcome 😄

wild flower

Great contest!👌

Tnx man and thank you for taking part in my 'lil contest

Taken by smartphone

Cool detailed pic 😎

This is a peony.

Wow great post I really like your post. Thanks

Thank you for participating 😊

Very nice contest

Thank you

Some of these photos are breath taking :)
Will give it a try latter

Well good! We are all waiting 😉😄

hope my tehnic in photograph not bad

Very nice!

Thanks for respond

Great idea! I hope I will have time to go out taking some pics before its too late

Tnx. You have 1 week to upload a pic B4 the contest is over 😄

Its sunflower...

Love this mighty Yellow!




Here comes my entry.
Thanks & big love to @nv21089.

With kind regards,