ANNOUNCEMENT: 5SBD Weekly Comment Winners

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This was another hard week. Between the two accounts, @shawnamawna and @nat5an had more comments than ever. So, when choosing, I decided to go with comments that I felt fostered true connection. Those comments are from:

@hayleeng for sharing about her relationship with her family
@introspector for thoughts on vulnerability
@stevenson7 for free-verse thoughts on vulnerability

True story, I think they all deserve a pineapple, not just SBD.
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I hope you will check out their blogs.

@hayleeng will receive 3SBD
@introspector and @stevenson7 will each receive 1SBD

Payouts will be sent from @shawnamawna.


Please remember you can participate not just by engaging the posts, but by engaging other's comments. We are building community! Steem on!

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Thank you so much kind sir and ma'am @shawnamawna, i gotta say i was not expecting this 😀😊

Thank you so much for your positive presence!

OMG. I'm so used to comment in your blog as a daily basis that this really surprised me. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it because if your posts weren't as amazing as they are, this couldn't be possible.

You inspire us to comment and share things with you because you are honest and open and that makes people trust you.

I'm moved to read this. I am so grateful you choose to share of yourself here. It's so good to get to know you. <3

my poems for you:

The acid was great
Sweet meat
Bitter skin
The world is hot
Your speech is spicy
The atmosphere again heats up...

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