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I have to confess that the lessons and inspirations that have come with this contest are amazing. We have people opening up and speaking from their hearts which is very encouraging. One thing we always forget is that we all have the power to help each other learn and grow. We learn from our own experiences and also from others.

A video going round in whatsapp titled before you feel pressure watch this by Jay Shetty portrays a headmaster telling his students what they are expected to be, to have achieved by the time they are 30 years old. However, as the video shows, nothing is set on stone. Each one of us have their own path, everything in life happens on your clock, your own season. So no pressure. This has been my lesson this week.

We need to follow our own path. Learning from the different experiences we get everyday. Making deliberate choices everyday that get us closer to our visions and dreams.

See the video here

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The contest

In that spirit. For a chance to win 1SBD respond in the comment with one thing that you have learned lately. Make sure it is exciting and jaw breaking.

This contest will run for three days. So reward will go out on Saturday and I will have another contest on. Lets keep learning.

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I learned that you need to disable Windows defender to speed up your computer


This lesson comes with so many other questions in my head. How much more speed maybe in a percentage? And what if that is the only security one has?

Do you have a link to this we can read all about that?


Awesome, disable only when you have another anti virus

This is such a clever idea and we can all learn so much from each other. I suppose for me one of the biggest things I've learnt lately is to just let be what is and not stress too much about it. I can sometimes over think things too much and it can be exhausting. Lately I'm trying to just be and not stress too much about things that I can't control.


Wondrrful lesson.

There are things that are absolutely out of our control no matter what we try to do. Worrying and stressing about it will still not change anything.

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Thank you for the addition

I've learned not to expect much from people cuz you'll end up disappointed. Still, be good because that's what selflessness is about.


I had this discussion with a friend over lunchtime. She claims that she has zero expectations. I feel it is a good way to go. Less stress. But we can have atleast few positive expectations.

Now in terms of giving that I do without expecting anything back.


I'm at zero expectations with your friend. When we get lucky, we get blown away when guys actually step up and/or in.

I've learnt to love and show mercy (forgive) to others just as God also love and shows mercy to me. This Easter season has really been life changing. Meditating on 1 John 3:7-11 and the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ and knowing that one way I can show appreciation to that gift is to equally love and forgive my neighbors. No human error towards me can be greater than the sin I was born into, yet God loves and shows mercy towards mere dust like me. _Why shouldn't I do same?_
I love God, and I want to show that love by being ready to forgive others.

Thanks you @mutitum ....
Wooooow ... Didn't even believe I would win last week prize ... I got the SBD transfer from you...
I am really grateful ...


This is a really wonderful lesson. Remembering that love is the biggest commandment of all. Without love we are nothing.


You very right....
We are really nothing without love...
The bitter truth is that the world we be a better place if only we could love others the way we love ourselves, for we do not owe anything to anyone except to love one another...(Romans 12:8)... Yes!! We can't say we love God which we cannot see, if we don't love our neighbors which we can see....
I really wish this lesson means something to people cus I believe changing the world starts with changing myself, contributing my own part no matter how small... @mutitum is doing her part by making this post possible... I just wish we could all embrace the lesson learnt here...

I learned that compromising puts your personal freedom at risk


Yes and no. I believe this would depend on a situation. However, do not compromise on your standards for example in honesty, love, quality.

A husband and wife always have to compromise on a few things to reach agreeable situation to both. What to eat, placed to visit, schools to take kids. Remember if each of them remained head strong in their wishes they could stop moving forward

These are my views

I have learnt that to show true love to someone you must make sacrifices. I also made a post about it last night.


I agree. 100%. I feel this is what makes loving someone so beautiful and even more so when this love is reciprocated

I've learnt to start each new day afresh, anew, because whenever I bring the sorrow, betrayal and sadness of yesterday into today it wipes me off the good things in it, I can hardly notice anything other than the anger of yesterday, I've come to let go of yesterday and cherish each day anew.


Wonderful. Remembering that we are only sure of today. I would only advice that you do not forget the lessons of yesterday; they make up the experience

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I have learned to wait, I still wait for my dreams. Without hope, it is very difficult to live.
In life we embitter ourselves and make life hard for others when we do not get what we want.
Learning to live together is the hardest thing to achieve, recognizing the value of each human being in the midst of their weaknesses.


Human beings are difficult. The fact that we are each unique adds salt to that. A few lessons like this one can help A lot in interacting and living with others