COMPETITION: best joke of the day (day 1) - Today’s theme: engineers

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Prize: 100% of SBD and STEEM gained from this contest goes to the one who receives the most upvotes.

Rules: anyone can enter as many jokes or memes related to today's topic as they wish. In order to be eligible to win you must upvote at least 1 other entrant. The 1st entrant is exempted from this rule and I will equalize the discrepancy in the votes.
If you make more than 1 entry you must also upvote 1 other entrant for your each subsequent entry.

(jokes/memes do not explicitly need to be original)

Keep in mind that you don’t only win the main prize but also get to keep everything your entries make as well as increase your reputation score.

It is my wish that this game and the jokes and memes in the comments would be fun for everyone so let’s keep this clean.

Thank you for participating & please upvote to increase the prize


How can you tell when an engineer is an extrovert. He stares at YOUR shoes
while he talks to you.

The optimist says the glass is half full.
The pessimist says the glass is half empty.
The engineer says the glass is twice the size it should be!

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I picked this one as it reminds me most of steemit blue!

Entering competition. Up voted. New to steemit.

Sadly i dont know any jokes for engineers :(

I know too many, and I can tell you many of them are true :D
(I am an engineer)

Steemit is not a dictatorship !

lol, wait what?