Art Prompt Writing Contest #1

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Critics and supporters alike have called the Mona Lisa the most famous piece of art work ever produced by Leonardo Davinci . Her eyes ever watchful as one inspects the details of the work, she is said to have a feeling of omnipotence.

She is also believed to be a mirror of Davinci in the female form. Critics are still arguing this point, but in actuality it could very well be true. Who of us can say that any artist would not take such liberties.

It is my humble opinion that the artist in question has in fact taken the same type of liberties as Davinci. The difference being that the representation of the artist is in fact a mirrored image of either himself or herself. To be able to recognize both sides of the self is a juxtaposition that few artists are willing to explore.

The contrasts in colors makes this a work of optimism and joy. An insight into the artists state of mind while indulging in his work.

The images outlined in a heavy black seem to mimic the individuals. Again portraying mirrored figures. The red line ties the two faces together as one as they ridicule one another like muses.

One might expect to find this kind of lightheartedness in a jazz club or in in a popular art gallery in the city of New Orleans. Where street vendors and music blend to give one an overall feeling of curiosity and tireless celebration. Or perhaps in a quaint cafe in Paris.

Upon closer examination there is a subtle suggestion that the artist does indeed desire to entwine himself with his coquettish audience by joining the dance of twilight.

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That last paragraph.... le sigh.....
Missed you friend! Hope you and your flock are doing well :)


I know ooh La La gay Paris'😉
We're all good.


Glad to hear that🌷