🏆 New exciting Steemit Contest!

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Winner of our 1st Steemit Contest

The correct answer of our previous Steemit contest https://steem.ly/uD was: "Phang Nga Bay, Thailand". Everyone in the comment section got it right! Khao Phing Kan or James Bond Island also counted.
Congratulations to @runridefly who has chosen by the List Randomizer at https://random.org 💰 50 XMV have been already sent to your Wallet!

New Contest Format

We want the contests to be exciting and fair, but we noticed with our first one that most people just copied the answer of the first comment because it was easy to confirm using Google Search. That's why we came up with a new system which makes it a lot harder to just copy someone else's answer.

Question #1: What is the name of this cave?


Question #2: Name the country of this natural phenomenon!


Question #3: This is the skyline of which city?


Question #4: Name the country of this beautiful location!


Question #5: Name the country of this natural pool!


Before submitting your answers, take the first letter of each answer and submit the 5 letter code in random order. Whoever posts the whole answer will be disqualified. For Example:

  • Answer #1: Goblin
  • Answer #2: Finland
  • Answer #3: Dubai
  • Answer #4: Austria
  • Answer #4: Belgium
In this example the initials would be GFDAB, to make it harder for anyone to crack your code, submit your answer in a random order like DFGBA. The initials of the correct answer are all unique.
Winner gets 50 XMV!

Contest Rules

  1. The contest runs from the 10th of June until the 16th of June.
  2. The Winner will be contacted directly and publicly announced on Steemit (17th of June).
  3. To participate, put your answer in the comment section below.
  4. Include your MoneroV Address so we can credit your win.
    The official Wallet is available on our Website: https://monerov.org/
  5. Upvote this post and follow @MoneroV on Steemit.
  6. Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/monero_v
  7. Your contest entry is only valid if you complete the 4 mentioned tasks.
  8. One Winner will receive the Grand prize of 50 XMV.
  9. If there are multiple correct answers, we will pick a random winner using https://www.random.org/
  10. If you submit the full answer of any of the questions you will be disqualified for this contest.
  11. Only one entry per user.

  12. Good Luck and have Fun 🙂

    I hope you will enjoy this new format which makes it fair for everyone. Any questions, let me know in the comments below!


Hear is my answer


On you given wallet where i create ,i dont know about it .pls give any link about this.

Hi @lavanyalakshman you can download the official MoneroV Wallet from our Website: https://monerov.org/ Good luck!

OK, thanks I do then I give my address

In mobile it not possible to create wallet?? Then how i collect my reward if i win

No we don't have a mobile wallet yet. We offer Wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Hi, this is my answer

Participate in this contest, the link is https://steemit.com/@monerov

Hi @yohis don't forget to add your MoneroV address so we can credit your prize in case you win. You can download the wallet from our Website: https://monerov.org/ But no stress, you still have 6 days until the end of the contest 🙂

The operating system of my pc is 32bit and the monero is for 64 bit pc, sorry!

Hi @alon852, please add your MoneroV Wallet Address so we can credit your prize in case you win 🙂

In random order: ESFDL

The article clearly says that every initial is unique, still two people managed to do it wrong 😊

My Wallet:

🏆 Congratulations @gogaming you won!

50 XMV have been already sent to your Wallet.

Good luck in our new contest!

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