Finally My SBD Giveaway! Chance To Win 15SBD & Maybe 20SBD

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SBD Giveaway.png

I was scrolling through my older posts, and I saw that there is still an SBD Giveaway open. I am sorry guys I totally forgot it. It just disappeared from my mind. I don't want that you think that I don't keep my word. That's why I want to redeem my promise.

I don't want to make it too complicated. Honestly, I want to handle it like my first Steemit giveaway. An easy way for everyone to have the chance to win 15 SBD. Following the needed requirements.

1.) Of course, you have to be one of my followers.
2.) Resteem this post.
3.) Leave a comment, so I know that you are in.

All participants have the chance to win 15 SBD.

Here is the Thing 1.png

You know my mother told me always: Don't forget the people who did something good to you.

I always appreciate her advice.😊
That's why I will make a second SBD Giveaway. But in this one always people can participate who showed me some support here on a regular basis. Those are for me until now the most loyal people for me here. And yes, I have a list I know these people.😏

Among them, I will make a separate giveaway with 20 SBD.
These people don't need to do anything maybe they will miss this post 😁 But this is my way to show some gratitude. One of them will receive 20 SBD from me. Consistency​ can also be worth it in that way.

And these people I will list them below.


Don't get me wrong, of course, there are more great people out there. And I hope I will meet more of them them in the future.

So I wish everyone luck who participate in this SBD Giveaway.👍🏽


Don’t forget again, huh 💪

Das muss ich ehrlich sagen, dass deine Post einer der wenigen sind, die immer Tipps und super Info Material nicht nur fürs Leben, sondern auch für Steemit sind. Das ist eine gute Mischung lieber Ray. Motivation steckt in deinen Artikeln und das gefällt mir sehr gut.

Dem kann ich mich nur anschließen, lg @travelwithus

Always nice to run across another believer @modernpastor

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God bless

key.gif The KEY to Life!

Good to see you brother :)
May God bless you my friend.

Don't forget the people who did something good to you.
Based on my experience, this is always a heart melting scenario in my life that many people forget us even family, but there is always someone giving the the love that you need, the care, the motivations, the courage and also the support. Those people is like a Treasure that you must keep because they hard to find.
Giving something good in bad times or even in the best time of your life.

Thanks for your lovely comment :)
I appreciate that.

a very good post and can be an inspiration for the steemit community all over the world

You think so?
Thank you for that :)

yes I think so because every post you do is very inspiration for us in indonesia

New here but i hope i vl soon be in above list.

Great my friend :)
This is totally in your hands my friend.
Wish you good luck.

I will try my best.

Count me in. I am following you now. Hope to see some nice articles from you. Expect some good comments from me.

I am glad to hear that my friend. :)
You can definitely​ expect that my friend. Would appreciate to see you more often and good luck.

I had shared this with my friends so that they can also join and support this initiative. Thanks

I'm glad to read that. Thanks for your support. I count you in my friend.

Better late then never :)

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is true that my name is not there but am a child of luck.

i have done the needful

is true that my name is not there but am a child of luck.

i have done the needful

Entered! Re-Steemed and upvoted!

Av been following you for a while now and i must confess that you are a role model steemian to me, you find time to relate to your followers comments and that very commendable.
Please count me in.

Thanks for your lovely comment, my friend. It's encouraging. I really appreciate that. :)

Postingan yang sang berkesan,bagus dan indah sekali

Great initiative @modernpastor...
Hope i will get some of giveaway ..

Awww, this made me cry, tears of joy.😭 The fact that I am included in your list is really flattering. Having an impact on someone's life is an wonderful feeling. I've met awesome people here on the platform and you're one of them @modernpastor, the friendship developed here is truly amazing!😊❤ Danke!😊

You deserved it, ​my sister :)
I am always watching. And thank you for all your support :)

It's my pleasure reading your posts @modernpastor! 😊❤

my luck totally favours me nowadays

Great to see you here my friend, wish you good luck.

Count me in !!

im definitely in

Hope to win something :-)

You have better​ chances then most of the people here ;) You know that right?

Thanks Ray, its an honor. Would be a blessing for a minnow like me :-)

  1. following you? done.
  2. resteem this post? done.
  3. comment? done.
  4. Upvote? done.

Sorry, I'm new and minnow.


It doesnt matter if you are new and a minnow. First of all welcome here :)
I am glad that you are here. I count you in my freind.

Your mother right said sir,Don't forget the people who did something good to you.

upvote and resteem

Thanks for this giveaway. All the rules done☺

Perfect 👌🏾

my mom's advice follow good people .I am following n reading your posts

I am in

I love to read that. :)

Sir i got to know about you just an hour ago and hope we will share some talks in the future.
Do i have the honour to enter the contest?

Of course my friend :)
I will count you in 😊

So kind of you buddy😊

Great work of encouraging your followers with free SBD giveaway , I just resteem this post and comment also to be part of this giveaway . And I hope I will win @modernpastor

Thanks my friend :)
I wish you good luck :)

Upvoted, followed, and resteemed 😊

Great 👍🏾 I count you in:)

Thank you sir ..

Please dont get me wrong i just joined a month later but I dont post much and guve time to steemit however now I managed to see you so dont get me wrong followed and commented and of course re steem ❤❤

Nothing to worry, I count you in :)

"Don't forget the people who did something good to you." I think it is called "Karma" If you will forget about someone who did something good for you someday they might turn back on you. Anyways, I will spread your word. Have a great day!And stay Awsome!

Thanks my friend for your lovely comment.

well done @modernpastor for not forgetting the people who supported you from day one on steemit...

Count me in! Woo Hoo!

But you know that you have better chances than others right? ;)

I'll take all the help I can get :)

The list here is so long already....i hope i get in...thanks

Don't worry my friend. You are in. I watch every comment.
Good to see you here.

Upvoted, followed, and resteemed 😊

Followed and resteemed :D

I don’t usually resteem therefor I won’t qualify. however thank you for doing this nice Giveaway thing and good luck to everyone!!

Thanks for that anyway :)

These contests seem to occasionally connect me with neat people who are supporting the community and appreciate quality conversation here. Thanks to @sequentialvibe for resteeming. It will add you to my feed and resteem this and go through your blog.

Hopefully a few of my followers will do the same.

Thanks for your nice words. I am glad to read them. :)
I count you in. I wish you good luck.

Hey modern pastor
Ive followed and resteemed I'm in! Good luck to all!

Wooow, I'm on the special list!!! Didn't expect it but I really appreaciate it :) I usually fly under the radar :P
Awesome initiative my friend, especially now when the markets are a bit depressive.

I am watching everything my friend ;)
You are on my radar. You deserve it.

To meeting great friends! Am in!

Great 👍🏾

I hope I can win because I am still learning about crypto and making friends on steemit

And I resteemed

You are in my friend. Wish you good luck :)

Hi @modernpastor . How are you doing today?
I'm surprised at such a large number of people wishing to get a prize :)
Still, it's a great way to say "thank you" to everyone who supports you. My parents taught me the same way. Be honest and answer people with reciprocity. I try to follow these instructions.
I'm very happy to see myself on the list, for me it means that my support is appreciated. I'm glad that I can be of use.
Good initiative :)

I am on my way to recover. It's just a bit better. But I know that it was the right decision.
You deserve it my friends. I always appreciate your comments.

I'm in! fingers crossed!

Yeeees :) I count you in my friend.

Great work of encouraging your followers with free SBD giveaway , I just resteem this post and comment also to be part of this giveaway .

Glad that I have been your follower buddy :)

No wonder that you have that many followers as you do give out pretty great & unique contents !

While I am indeed glad that I am in the list :)

Well I do agree with the words that your mom said ,after all many do forget the things that people do for them :)

Glad to say that I will sure participate in the giveaway of yours !I do always check some peoples blog everyday and you are indeed one of them :)

Man it did became quite a long comment ;)

Steem on Buddy ;)

I like this quite long comment :)
You deserve it. ;)

I count you in my friend.

I am in, all requirements meet and fingers crossed .

Sir, I hope you are ready for your team match today, lazio is such a great team and they are playing at home, your club have really surprised me in this competition I wish you and your team the best of luck.

Thanks my friend for these nice wishes. I hope they will make a good game. Unfortunately, I have to watch this game from home today 🤒

Is it because of injury or you were not selected?

No, normally I would start today, but I​ got sick. Check out my next post coming later.

I'm in 🙂🙂🙂

Schön, dass du auch was zurück gibst. Bist einer der wirklich konstant und qualitativ postet, das ist echt eine Leistung! :)

When I was told Ray Yabo was a Steemian, I didn't believe it till now. I'm sorry you won't be a part of your game today. I have followed you and read your posts, you are a visionary I must confess. Thanks for this giveaway.

Yeah I'm in! Good luck to everyone else participating!

Resteemed my Friend ;) Good Luck to everyone is taking part of this special GiveAway. Steem On !

And thank you for supporting your followers
hope to be a lucky one ;)
Upvote resteemed and followed sir

count me in.

nice post, i look forward to winning, ohh before i forget salzburg played well tonight but Lazio played better, it was an interesting match and there's still hope for 2nd leg.

All steps done sir
Great Post by the way! Very generous of you!

Ah Ray!
Na sieh mal, gehts mir genau wie dir: aus den Augen aus dem Sinn!

Da du nicht mehr wirklich im Discord unterwegs warst dachte ich du hättest vielleicht das Interesse an Steem verloren (immerhin war auch mal zeitlang kein neuer Beitrag von dir da... ) und jetzt wurd ich zufällig drauf aufmerksam, dass du schon wieder fleissig weitergepostet hast und ich nen Haufen nachzuholen habe! ;)

In meinem Feed hab ich ja schon lange den Überblick verloren, deswegen guck ich da auch gar nicht mehr nach :)

Hey du :)
Das stimmt, da war ich länger nicht mehr. Ich bekomme schon so viele Whats ap Nachrichten, bei denen ich nicht allen hinterher komme. Alles in allem leidet der Discord Server darunter. Aber hier bin ich nach wie vor aktiv ;)

Wie geht es dir?

Ja ab und an hilfts leider nicht :)
Wär aber auf alle Fälle schön, dich da mal wieder zu sehen ;)

Ich kann mich nicht beschweren, läuft ganz gut bei mir auch wenn alles sehr stressig ist aktuell :)
Und selber?

Count me in! :)

You're in my friend :)

I'm in for the giveaway...
Thanks for this

Great to read that.

Kennen das Gefühl, dass man hier mal was vergisst :D Geht im Internet allgemein sehr schnell - aber cool, dass du dich dran erinnert hast! Viel Glück an alle Teilnehmer :)

Just came across your post for the first time boss, am really amazed you key in into your mother's words and again giving back to the community is also perfect. I have just done the need and I hope I can be counted in.

Great my friend :)
I count you in. Wish you good luck and hope to see you more often.

Hi, good day. Just going through the contest tag, looking for a contest to participate in, when i came across your post/contest, hope i am not too late, lol.
I just followed you, resteemed too. I really liked that part, when you said "dont forget people who did something good for you". Its really heartwarming to know, there are still people who have that sentiment. Especially as we live in a time ,when people are ungrateful, the good you do for them is never enough.
Will be looking out for more post from you. Enjoy you day!

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See you on the other side

Creo que ya gane...... Saludos.

Count me in bruh. Followed you and resteemed the post @modernpastor. And Thanks for the giveaway😋
Have a nice day, Cheers!

Good job 👍
All steps done !
Thanks for this contest 😊

Upvoted, followed, and resteemed 😊
hope to be a lucky one ;)

Oh yes, I hope that for you too my friend.^^

Lols, your name though, are you a pastor? I will not ask about the modern part.

I am following this, followed, resteemed and upvoted. I pray in your modern ministry to win.

Haha 😆 no my friend I am not a real pastor preaching in the church.
I am a pastor in a modern way. But to answer your maybe question; yes, I am a believer :)

yeah I am in.........

✔ Follower
✔ Resteemed
✔ Commenting
Thanks for the contest!

I’m in.Yoohoo! 😁

It's been a while since I checked our your blog. But imagine my glee when I saw SBD give away, lol.

Thanks a gazillion for your generosity and for having the heart of a giver. You were one of those Steemians who made my first few weeks on Steemit worthwhile with your educative posts about how to post quality content. I followed all of your advice and I have grown tremendously as a result. Thank you, You are really amazing @modernpastor!

How is your son and how's your team doing? I bet majority of them are steemians now. Cheers to all of them

Hope this will b great give away... Here iam followed u... Good luck every1


I agree with what your mother said to you, it is a good advice. It is important to cherish those who are helping us. I am glad you have many friends that support you. Have a nice day!

Of course, upvote & resteem :D

I'm in. lol

This is huge!. Well done.

I appreciate you work. I like your motto also. Don't forget the people who did something good to you.

This is very much for the minnows whose payout is lower than $1. Thanks to you.

I am in :D

I am new in this platform but I have been trying to participate in contests to gain experience and exposure while learning . I guess there is no harm in trying, and its great to know that there are people who gives back to this community. I will try my luck but just in case I dont win , still it was great knowing you! Have a good day and I hope you continue helping others =)

This is a great way to recognize your regular supporters and to gain traction as well as to get your message out. I came to your site because you upvoted one of my posts today, and I like your style. Keep up the good work.