Attention Contest Announcement! Chance To Win 30 SBD

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Attention Contest Announcement.jpg

Yes, guys its time for the attention contest I was talking about!
Are you ready, do you think you can make it?😉

As I told you I would inform you upfront when the actual quiz will start. So that everyone has the same chances.
So this post is just an announcement for that.

The actual contest will appear later in about two hours.

Let me remind you that the person who answers all question at first and correctly will be the winner 😁

I wish all of you good luck. ☺️

Excited to see who will make it, or if someone will make it.

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That's so cool @modernpastor, I am right in for the contest but I was thinking of something.

What if a person first comments but didn't get the answer, and another gets the answer and the first person goes to edit his or her own answers. How do you intend to checkmate that? Just curious to know because I have long being waiting for this time, I might win or another might


Don't worry. I dont think that many people will join.
I think those who are rally ready for that will deliver the right answers. I think the winner will be shown soon. Further why should someone change some answers, only becasue someone else wrote a different answer? He/she do not know if that is truly the right answer.

And the last point is: after releasing my contribution I will sit before my laptop and observe every entry. Further, I will make Screenshots of every entry.

I will surely see who answered at first the right answers. If you are first but the answers are wrong you're out. I hope that helps​?


Sure it helps. The screenshot aspect. My hands are crossed and waiting!

Hurray it is the Attention contesting or Attention contest😊 bring it on friend!

Oh, not the most suitable time for me :) Well, I believe that the fastest and wisest will win! In the right place at the right time :)


Oh no, what is it in your timezone? 😐

Really cool brother, I wish I could be the winner


You have the chance my friend. Have faith ^^

waiting for that excited😃


Great to hear that :)



Don't need to be.

I would be expectant, thank you for the heads-up sir!
Keep steeming


You're welcome my friend :)

ha ha ha nice Letter





Cool contest, we are waiting

I am indeed excited ;)


hahaha so am I hahaha

Thank you @modernpastor for this contest you about to bring to us, with joy I will participate.

I hope to arrive on time, hahaha ... and answer the whole questionnaire

ohhh already ?? alright let's do this!

This is really exciting @modernapastor! Congratulations to the winner in advance!

Thank you for always sharing your blessing with us Steemians. God bless you always @modernpastor! :)