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RE: 100 Burpee Challenge: WINNER!

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Great challenge! I wish I wouldve seen the original post! I do 50 burpees everyday as part of my work out but I haven't gotten up to 100 quite yet.. maybe tomorrow Ill just keep going till I hit 100!! You are right, health is extremely important, I am glad to see you promoting it!


Thank you @moderndayhippie I'm super-impressed with your 50/day as part of your workout! I'd love to have you join us on our next Challenge to be released shortly!

What do your daily workouts consist of, other than the burpees? Follow a program? Go to a gym? Have you met @hangryginger here? She does all bodyweight stuff.

My daily work out is nearly all calisthenics. I created my own work out to focus on the things I wanted to improve personally but I have been adding to it slowly over the past year, so I have really increased it a lot. No I don't go to a gym because I only need dumb bells for a few of the exercises so I just bought some and saved the time and money of going to a gym.

I start with 100 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. I do push 3 kinds of push-ups (30 each) 3 sets. I do 6 types of sit-ups/crunches all of which until I can't do anymore, 3 different kinds of pull-ups (15 each) 3 sets. 3 different Planks for 2-5 mins each. 20 Curls 3 sets each side. 3 different triceps workouts. I do a handstand for as long as possible which is now well over a min and then end the indoor workout with 50 burpees before I head out for a 20-30 minute run depending on how I feel that day. There are a few other exercises I do but don't have any clue what to call them lol.. I am still rather new to working out, just over a year now so I am sure next year I will be doing much more.
I am no pro athlete but I feel (and look) better than I ever have in my entire life and I am 35 years old.. So I am pretty proud of myself. :) I often tell people, its never to late to start taking care of your body!
No I have never heard of hangryginger but maybe ill go check out here page.
sorry for the long comment.. take care.

That's awesome! Great routine, covering all your bases. I love what you said about never being too old. Keep doing what you're doing and inspiring others to get fit. Love it!