Spotcoin announces Airdrop & Pre-ICO details

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Photo from Spotcoin announcement

Pre-ICO begins May 15, 2018 6:00 pm (GMT+4) Register here

The airdrop registration times are as follows:
RPX holders May 14th 6:00 pm (GMT +4) through May 20th 6:00 pm (GMT +4)
QLC holders May 21st 6:00 pm (GMT +4) through May 27th 6:00 pm (GMT +4)
SWH holder May 28th 6:00 pm (GMT +4) through June 3rd 6:00 pm (GMT +4)
EFX holders June 4th 6:00 pm (GMT +4) through June 10th 6:00 pm (GMT +4)

Spotcoin released their airdrop details today through their social media channels.
See Medium article

Community members eager to receive free tokens, have joined the telegram channel at a steady pace since Spotcoins’ initial announcement on Monday, of the anticipated airdrop.

The announcement caused confusion with some in the community about the airdrop registration. After registering with the Spotcoin website, a popup for the airdrop registration was expected immediately, some members expressed disappointment and felt misled to register with Spotcoin. I will admit, I too was confused until I went back and re-read the announcement. I realized my excitement kept me from reading the entire article or bothering to look at the pictures.

Included in the Medium announcement, the photo below shows there are separate registration dates for each token, however, you have to be registered with Spotcoin to participate. To avoid congestion and delays in registering for the airdrop, Spotcoin provided an opportunity to sign up on their website early. In my opinion, this was a well thought out marketing plan, in order to make the process as smooth as possible.
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Photo from Spotcoin announcement

I joined Spotcoins’ telegram channel when there were less than 100 members, so I have witnessed their interaction with the community from the beginning. The leaders and team are always putting the community first and any “marketing stunt” will always be in the best interests of the community.

Not only was Spotcoin taking care of their followers, but what a smooth move for supporting the Neo ecosystem. I anticipate high trading volume for RPX, SWH, QLC and EFX due to the airdrop requirement. I am interested to see how much volume this brings.

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There was some concern with the required NEP5 token (RPX<QLC<SWH<EFX) being dumped within an hour of the snapshot. It has been my experience in the past that this is not an issue. There was mention of wanting to keep their NEP5 token on an exchange, although it is recommended to use a wallet that supports NEP5, you can use an exchange address. Please keep in mind, there is no guarantee you will receive your Spotcoin on an exchange because it is up to the exchange to support the airdrop or not. If you have a wallet that you are in control of and provide the NEO address, you will receive the NEP5 token, if you have successfully completed the requirements for participation.

Unlike many other airdropped tokens, those within the NEO ecosystem have a high probability of increased value once on an exchange. As seen with Ontology, the trading price has been as high as $13, LRN traded at up to $4 and within the last week other NEP5 tokens have had an increase up to 74%. (the values given are what I have seen trading on Switcheo)

With that being said, there should be no reason to doubt the value of Spotcoin given the benefit they intend to bring to the NEO ecosystem. I advise to get registered on their website now so you avoid any delay in airdrop and/or Pre-ICO registration. You can register here

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Photo from Spotcoin

Another HUGE announcement-Pre-ICO will begin on Tuesday, May 15th at 6:00 pm (GMT +4). You will provide KYC information at time of sale.

The Pre-ICO had been scheduled for May 1st, but due to security issues with the 3rd party payment processor the sale was delayed. The technical team has spent the last several days working to ensure all security issues are resolved to provide a safe environment for investors.

I would encourage you to research Spotcoin, join their telegram and other social media channels. The leaders and team are very open to questions and discussion. You will soon recognize the transparency within the project as well as the dedication of the team.

You can join using the following links

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