My Entry For Steem Aware Contest Challenge 1 | Win 100 SBD By Helping To Raise Awareness

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If you've ever been bothered by the growing number of lower-quality posts and comments on SteemIt these days, than this is your chance to help to turn things around or learn how to make the most out of your SteemIt Experience


Fighting Spam & Low-Quality Content

If you've been reading my posts and comments, you will have noticed that I was trying to find a way to reduce the amount of low-quality and/or spam posts and comments that seem to be overtaking SteemIt these days.

My first step towards setting up a campaign was an article I posted 8 days ago, in which I asked other Steemians what they thought could be considered as spam or low-quality content.

My next step was to add a banner to the bottom of every post I made


The Importance Of Education

The Steem Aware Contest Challenge simply comes down to this: if we want to prevent SteemIt getting cluttered with low-quality content, and to make sure new users stick around and be able to profit from their SteemIt experience, it is our responsibility to educate them and to teach them how to use this platform effectively by making them aware of what to do or what not to do here on SteemIt.

The contest will last for 30 days and will provide 24 basic challenges for you to complete. For every challenge you complete, you can earn points. At the end of the contest, the person who has the most points, will win. And don't worry, everyone can enter and have a chance to win, newbies as well as veterans.

All you've got to do to enter the contest is register at Streemian and join the itwithsm curation trail. You'll find a full explanation on how to do this in the original contest post. Once registered, you simply need to follow the guidelines that will be posted with each challenge.

You can find the rules for the first challenge here

Why Joining The Contest Is A Good Idea

Joining this contest is free, so you've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Even if you don't win the big price, you will learn a lot of new things that will help you to make your SteemIt experience a success.

Personally, I'm joining because I still need to learn a number of things too, ánd because I want to stop SteemIt abuse.

Winning the 100SBD would be a nice extra, but as someone here on SteemIt told me not so long ago: the journey is more important than the destination. All the things you'll be learning along the way will in the end appear to be more valuable than that 100SBD.

If you are lucky enough to win the contest, 100SBD means getting a powerful head start over your competition. If I would be lucky enough to win the main prize, it would open doors to new ways of helping others to get started successfully. I don't know yet, but I could use it to delegate SP to new, talented Steemians, or spread it around in contests like this one.

What To Do Now?

Are you still reading this post? That means I didn't get you excited enough, I guess.

Hurry, and head over the orginal contest post, register for the contest and complete your first challenge.

Please support me: If you are joining the contest, please upvote my comment in the original post's comment section here.

Scroll down until you find the comment that says: ’The entry by @mike314-0005....’, upvote it and reply to my entry comment with "I am referred by @mike314-0005"

Also, if you add a link to your own post to that same comment section, also add "I am referred by @mike314-0005"

Remember, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!!

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Update: the contest rules have changed. From now on you don’t have to follow the curation trail anymore if you don’t want to.

This is really cool. I would like to use the banner on comments for flagged posts. Would you be ok with that? The public needs to be reminded of this way more often. Thanks for the initiative @mike314-0005

No problem. That's why I created it for. :-)
(I've just switched to a new account. Fr om now on I'll be posting at @simplymike)

Nice entry my friend.. You should also read this to see the latest rules of this contest and according to new rules streemian trail is not necessary...

I added a comment to the post.
(I've just switched to a new account. Fr om now on I'll be posting at @simplymike)

My spirits increased, because of your post @mike314-0005

Glad to hear that
(I've just switched to a new account. Fr om now on I'll be posting at @simplymike)

All right, I'll see it right now @mike314-0005

I like this. Even if I don't win the challenge I will gain some knowledge that will make me a higher quality blogger going forward. Count me in!

Cool. I like your spirit.
Someone told me once: it's not the destination that's the most rewarding, it's the journey that will bring you there 😀

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I send to you 1000 sbd but you upvote me around 0.50$. This sad to me.

I think you’re mistaking: you haven’t sent me anything and I’m not offering any upvote service

Sorry I didn't say you. I said to hottopic.

This post has received a 8.11 % upvote, thanks to: @mike314-0005.

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Thanks, but I haven’t won yet

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I want to join this contest, but I am confused what should I do first? I do not understand with your explanation above, can you explain it in more detail again?

Sorry for the delay. It's a lot of work switching to my new account (@simplymike), so I only just noticed your comment.
I've created a new post on my new account which explains which steps you should take. You can find it here

Basically it comes down to this:

  • Visit THIS LINK.

  • scroll down to the comments section, until you see the comment that starts with "The entry by @mike314-0005'

  • Like this comment and reply with "I am referred by @mike314-0005"

  • Start your first challenge: the SteemIt Ambassador.

You can read the guidelines on this halfway this post I made on my other account, under 'How To Enter The Contest?'

I hope this helps.
You can always get back to me if you have more questions (preferably in the comments section of the post on my new account I mentioned above)

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The Streemian site is down due to lack of support. I was unable to register for this contest. My registration was partially processed​. I am in limbo

As you will see at the top of this comments list, the rules changed, and signing up to the curation trail on Streemian is not needed anymore to enter the contest