Mermaidvampire's Motivational Video Contest (2 Weeks Running)

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Hi, Steemheads!

It is June and now here is my first of the 2 major contests for this month. I am loving contests and now has it as a niche so I have everything contests. Check out my daily, weekly and bimonthly contests (like this one). Thank you all so much for the support.

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Mermaidvampire's Motivational Video Contest

Who May Join:

Steemians anywhere and everywhere


2 Weeks (14 days) from now until the deadline on midnight of Monday, June 18, 2018 (Philippine Time) UTC+8

How to Join:

  • Choose a person or persons or an audience for a motivational video that you will make for them.
  • This must be motivational with regards to anything like life, career, love, Steemit, anything under the sun.
  • I will be accepting ALL LANGUAGES as long as there is an English translation.
  • It can be a video or simply just be a presentation or a sequence of still frames to make a video.
  • You may choose to have a voice over or a background music for the video.
  • Feel free to add captions or subtitles but this is not required, but just feel free to do extra for aesthetics.
  • You can upload it in any Steem Video Condenser like DTube and DLive or even third-party sites like Youtube or Vimeo or anywhere else.

Contest Rules:

  • This is a motivational video contest, so make sure you capture that thought for this project.
  • Be sure to have a disclaimer when using music materials that you do not intend to infringe copyrights.
  • Refer people that would be interested in this contest and mention them in your post. The more the merrier.
  • (IMPORTANT) Leave the link to your post as a comment to this post so we will know you have an entry.
  • Use "movideo" as one of the tags for your post.

Please do not copy or plagiarize, I won't be accepting old videos. Please make a new one inspired by this contest and target a particular person to dedicate it for or a group of people that you want to inspire and motivate.

This is a no obligation contest, no pressure to upvote and resteem the post (because requiring this is against Steemit SPAM Policies, FYI) but it would greatly help in the success of this contest and to be able to fund more contests in the future so feel free to do so. I really hope you will and thanks!



  • 1st prize = 25% of the total SBD Payout of this post, 1 @steembasicincome share and 10sp delegation for 15 days from the host.
  • 2nd prize = 15% of the total SBD Payout of this post, 1 @steembasicincome share and 5sp delegation for 15 days from the host.
  • 3rd prize = 10% of the total SBD Payout of this post, 1 @steembasicincome share and 5sp delegation for 15 days from the host.
  • 50% of the total SBP Payout of the post will be shared by all other contestants who will join. (Consolation Prize)

Still, NO ONE LOSES in this contest because we always have enough to share to everyone no matter how small the payout is.

The Judge:

The judge will be @mermaidvampire, herself.

Criteria for Judging:

  • Following instructions - 10%
  • Content -30%
  • Motivational Factor - 50%
  • Aesthetics- 10%

Declaration of Winners:

The declaration of winners will be within the week after June 18, 2018.

Contest Rationale:

Why am I doing this contest? I want to help my fellow red fishes and I want to matter in this platform just by doing that. I love Steemit and the people in it and I enjoy being here, so might as well do something fun and worthwhile and helpful here.


If at any point, you need help with fixing audio or video and other technical issues as you make your piece for this contest or as you upload it, let me know by sending me a memo in the wallet or contacting me directly in Discord: mermaidvampire#4421, I'd be glad to give you tweaks and suggestions to make it work.

Sample Video by @mermaidvampire:

I made this video for a fellow dialysis patient. He wanted to make a video of his life but he did not know how and he wanted to join a contest. I surprised him and made him one on the last hour before the deadline, I downloaded all his public FB pics and made something in powerpoint and saved it as an MP4. It won him the grand prize and my share was given to his mom. His parents cried watching it. I am uploading this video here with his permission.


Love and Peace,


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Hala I want to join,. murag naa koy mashare ani mga pasakit ginagmay ba.,

Please do! Thanks!

Hirap! huhuhuhu kung meron lang akong PC na kayang mag video edit.

There are a lot of celfone apps that can do that, it's even made easier there. Let me suggest one later. Thanks for checking me out.

@mermaidvampire well madam im always checking your post. Your contests are very unique hahahahah but with the cellphone apps i think I cant. I have a low specs phone. So sad.

wow! i am gonna participate here

Great contest. You've inspired and am beginning to set-up contest to share my steemit joys with everyone. Good work

This is promising for a steemit minnow like me. What a nice initiative this is. I really commend you sir

Awesome and creative contest theme this time as usual.

would love to participate.

I will definitely join this contest! hehehehe

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Talo na ako hahaha 😅
Need ko yata kumot pampunas luha pag nanood movideos 😊

wag mawalan pag asa think positive kaya mo yan 😊

This is very challenging contest to me because I don't know how to add subtitles for the translation.. Oh my! But I will do researches I hope I can make it ladybumpz! This is brilliant! You made me explore things huh! Thank you smarty! XOXOXOXO

This contest is going to be fun. Thanks @mermaidvampire for the opportunity.

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

People like you really need to be praised because of having such a big heart for this community. Thank you for giving us a chance to be known and giving us ideas on what to post. Contests like this are a great help for steemians like me who doesn't have too much words for blogging haha. Good luck to all contestants and I will try to make an entry for this. God bless you @mermaidvampire and God bless @surpassinggoogle too!!!

\m/ Steem on!!!

Another amazing initiative from @mermaidvampire
Everyone must hear about this is one!

Great job! Dear, @mermaidvampire ! I would also participate if I could get enough time.

Anyway, hope the best for the participants.

Thanks @mermaidvampire for this one...would be inspirational!


Que inspirador, ademas con la diversidad de temas es increíble!

kaiyak naman nyang vids, pero inspiring, s'ya nga gusto pa mabuhay ng matagal, tayo pa kaya na malakas at malusog na ang tanging problema e pantawid gutom...sana makagawa din ako nyan, resteem sissy😊

I am touched with the story you shared maam @mermaidvampire.
Looking forward to have my entry but i dont know how to do this.I hope I can make it .
Thank you so much maam for everything you did to make us fruitful in this community..Your way habinga contest make me step forward to another learning ahead.

Wooow! Challenge. Di ako marunong mag video edit. lol :D pero, i will try.. is-study ko. matagal tagal pa naman deadline eh :D

Nice! Movideo sample...hmm thinking for an entry...

am totally in on this.

An inspirational video indeed! I became so so emotional at a point. The song,pictures attachment,the notes,everything is perfect.I like you to always lead by example @mermaidvampire
I need the app please, how can I get that?

Here is my entry.

Thank you so much..More learning I knew now.Thank you

Took me a while to compose this one. Thanks for this wonderful venue where we can motivate people and community about positivity, good vibes, and positive energy.

Below is my entry

Yeah! Finally got here
This is my entry for the @mermaidvampire motivational video contest:
I just hope she likes it!

Yeah! Finally got here
This is my entry for the @mermaidvampire motivational video contest:
I just hope she likes it!

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