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NFL football logo.jpeg

Football image source

Contest Prize:

Guess the exact score to win 1 beta epic card,
otherwise the closest score will win 1 beta common card.
For more information of SteemMonsters, check out their website.

Contest Rules:

1-Upvote is appreciated but not necessary to enter this contest
2-Resteem is appreciated but not necessary to enter this contest
3-Reply with the total points that you predict (closest to the actual score will win)
4-There can be multiple winners if multiple players guess the same total score
5-No editing after you make your guess (I will check this before payout)
6-Deadline is end of day Monday Nov 26, 2018 @ 8:00 PM EST

Game List:

TEN vs HOU - GAME TIME - 11 26 2018.jpg

Check actual score here


got your prize pool donation for the football league!! thanks. didn't know you were back to posting or I woulda played the contests yesterday!! hehe

I had a little downtime sat so I wanted to complete my Steemit commitments and figure i’d post a couple of contests. My fault for not leaving much time to enter though. I’ll try to pot a few more weekly FF summaries to sweeten the pot even more for you guys. Great job on the season. Hope you finish strong; I am rooting for you.

I have no idea, but I'm going to say 51😇

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Congrats PK, you are one of the winners! You guess the exact score. Great preduction skills.

WTF lol....nice stab in the dark hehe:)

I was very impressed when I saw u won hitting the exact score. Another contestant guessed the same score, but you were first. Which Epic card do u need/want?

Oh, I get to choose:) A mischievous mermaid would be really cool Mello. Thanks a lot! Btw, hope you are well too!

Usually you don't get to choose, but it's the holidays, so why not. I am doing well, just busy so not much time for Steemit. How about yourself?

Well, it's good to see that you occasionally have time to put up a contest post. They are definitely fun, even though my knowledge on the games are quite low:)

Doing ok myself, and I have slowed down on the blogging too. Steem Monsters Is part of that of course, amongst other life stuff!

SM keeps missing blocks and not allowing me to send the card. I will try again in a few hours

Hi PK, please confirm if I received the card. It seems that when the SM server came back online, all my attempts to send to you processed.

All good Mello...I received the card - Thanks!!!


Congrats, you are one of the winners! You guess the exact score. Great preduction skills.

Hi. I tried to send you prize of 1 beta Swamp Thing SM card multiple times when the server was experience technical difficulties. It appears that I sent you 2 cards? Would you please confirm if you received 1 or 2 cards from me? If 2, please send back 1. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

How can I look at it?

Log into with your Steemit username and password. Then click on “collection” to view your cards.

transaction ok :)

Thanks for sending 1 back. If u are not interested in SteemMonster cards, you can sell your card and get Steem for it.

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