What is it - Glasgow edition

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Since I am travelling I will do another steem basic income contest this week. Currently, I am in Glasgow.

It is a bit different from the last what is it contest I hosted. This time you need to guess which location in the world the painting in the photo depicts. Just put your guess in a comment below and you might win a steem basic income share. If nobody can guess it I will just give the steemian with the most entertaining answer a share. :D

Hint: the location depicted in the painting is a location that @suesa and @reggaemuffin have visited during their recent Europe trip. Find out which locations they visited by following @suesa-random. The location might or might not yet have come by in Suesa's travel log :P

This contest will run until Suesa's last travel post. :)

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Let's say (Kat)owice. This Polish city was part of Eastern Europe before Berlin Wall fall down. And of course, there is a cat on it's name!


nice guess. Well actually the cat in the painting dates back from the 70s :)

There is grass so that rules out places like Timbuktu or Santa Fe. Although they are not in Europe. The cat also has fleas and the tree has no lower branches so it is either a pine or palm tree of some sort. the wall is not whitewashed so not deepest Southern Europe. The cat has either done a lot of poops or they are dead rats. The tree is in the middle of the road. It's Nicosia in Cyprus. Yes i know that is southern Europe but the wall there is a pretty new one.


This might be the most magnificent answer so far. But the painting is modern art so nothing is what it seems D:

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Appreciated :D

My first guess was Berlin, but I dont see this on @suesa's map. Therefore, I'm guessing this is the border between Austria and the former Czechoslovakia.


It is quite difficult to guess it by only looking at what is depicted in the painting and using Suesa's travel map

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My guess is Silesia, with felix the cat.


The cat in the painting should at least be 50 years old by now : P

My guess is Katowice where they met Felix the cat. It even has a cat sound in it's name.


The cat has a different nationality ;)

I'll guess Malmö, Sweden!!!

This was not going to be my first choice but Katowice was already suggested. I selected Malmö next.... because that wall is exactly like the wall from the University of Malmö.

And it has trees in front of it, too.

And cats are everywhere. Surely there are a few cats learning Science and Architecture, or even Philosophy. No?


nice idea. The painting was made well before Suesa's Europe tour