Mega Giveaway!! Celebrating my 100 days on steemit!!

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Hello steemitians!!!😎

Hope you all are very happy and enjoying your life!

Celebrating my 100th day on Steemit.jpg

Today, I am very happy because today I have completed my 100 days on steemit platform. I joined on 15th September 2018 and from then my blogging journey has started.
Steemit is a unique social media platform where you can earn money based on your skills. But not only that, you can find here amazing friends! Growing yourself in steemit is not an easy task in here but if you have dedication, patience and hard working mentality.. you can grow easily.
Friends are very important in steemit. No matter how hard you try, you can not grow alone in here.
The mantra is "Together we will grow!" Help your friends, support other's work and automatically they will support you back!!
I also have met with some amazing wise minded people in here who helped me a lot to grow! I believe you have also friends in here and if you work together, success will kiss your foot one day!
Now, this giveaway I would like to dedicate to Friendship! Enter this giveaway with your friend(s) and luck may shine on you! 😉


[All rules are mandatory and should be followed]
(Read them carefully for a successful entry)

1. Follow me (if you are not already!)

2. Upvote this post (This will help me to do more contests in future!)

3. Resteem this post.

4. In the comments tag 1 friend who should have to enter in the giveaway. If your friend has already invited by any other than it will not be valid. So, check other entries before tagging.

5. That's it. If you have done all the above, you are in the giveaway!


First Prize: Winner will get 2 SBI shares, a rare Steem Monster card and 100% upvote from me!

Second Prize: Winner will get 1 SBI share, a rare Steem Monster card and 100% upvote from me!

Third Prize: Winner will get a rare Steem Monster card and 100% vote on his comment!

Apart from these 3 winners, 2 more entries will receive my 100% vote!

So, What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and win them all!

I will choose the winners using Wheel Decide

Thank you for visiting!

You are awesome!

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Congratulations and wish you luck
Inviting @mandeep17

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Awesome my friend, congratulation on 100 days in. You are really progressing and I have seen massive changes in the way you write and interact on here, Plus your estimated account value is now $28,832,057,278.75 lol....... That's impressive, very few people can make that claim at 100 days...

I think I will tag more than one we'll say @rentmoney @stever82 and @chrisroberts all steemmonster nuts...

Congrats again, I've enjoyed getting to know you on here.

Happy 100 Days and many many more my friend @mango-juice! <333 :) I hope @khigley will enter this contest with me, I think she should :D Sending positive vibrations & much Reiki Love your way! Namaste

@crypt-skip should enter this contest.

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U need to resteem and upvote to be eligible friend.

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Congratulations on your first 100 buddy! @wil.metcalfe should enter this contest

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I already upvoted. Thought I had resteemed it too, but it doesn't show in my feed, so guess I didn't. So now resteemed!

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Congratulations! Not joining the contest, but just dropping by to offer my support!

@celinavisaez, come over and join this giveaway :0)

Congratulations! I am so excited for you! We are close behind you. You have done some amazing things on this platform.

So I think @enginewitty needs to enter. I know he is a crazed SteemIt Monster nut.

Congratulations Mate!


Thank u dear..... I will be happy too if he joins... 😃😄

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Woo! Grats on the milestone!

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I just like the idea of "growing together" I think I'd like to tag a friend @the-tourist\nThis is it, isn't it?

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Congratulations :)\nI would like to invite @mk992039

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Congratulations ;)\nInviting @sukha

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Congrats friend! You are really doing good.
I tag @tdas0

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@simplymike should enter...

Congratulations my friend....
Awesome progress with in small time...
Nice Giveaway....

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ohh Resteem!



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Congratulations bro

I want to invite @burlarj
I hope he will join in this contest

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@azalealife you should join

Thanks for giveaway and congrats to your 💯 days.

Thanks for giveaway and congratulations.
Inviting @harpreetjanda

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You should join this contest!!!!

@minimining I invite you to join this give away...


Ok. I do.

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hey congratulation and I would like to invite @drishtipoonam