Results of the SprtsHub Signup Initiative

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Each introductory post was used to tabulate the Comments, Votes # / Vote $, and Eyes. Total post count and most recent postings were also considered. Other factors include when a participant joined and their impact upon the overall SprtsHub community.

Thanks for Participating (SprtsHub Accounts)



In addition to the UPVOTES that participants have already received on SprtsHub, KRAZYKOIN and BHIVE (Whaleshares) tokens are available to claim. There is also a BONUS FOR RETURNING TO SPRTSHUB (see below) and an - OPPORTUNITY IF YOU MISSED THIS EVENT! -

These tokens are distributed based on the statistics above, as well as, given consideration for content, engagement, and additional posting activity.


Reply to this post with your Bitshares ID.
If you need to create a Bitshares account, you can do so at either or

BONUS CLAIM: Reply to the GenesisTeam post (below) expressing your interest moving forward and leave a link to a newly created (brief) SprtsHub post that is relevant to the community and has your own work or desires in mind.
- Even if you didn't participate, feel free to express your GenTeam interest by completing the BONUS CLAIM. -

Claim the BONUS @ the #GenesisTeam Post Below

*Rewards may be claimed until July 31st.


Hi, I could not create in Bitshares but I could create it in Rudex. I do not know what the ID. Is the name of the account?

Yes. The name of the account. All anyone can do with that is send you money :)

My account name is edithb17
Thank you!

Sent (with a bit extra).

The name of my account (ID) is wakeupkitty.
I could not make one or figure out if I have one.
After days of struggling I could make an other one btw. Wonder for what I can use that one now?

Sent to vampire-meerkat with a bit xtra.
Sry for the delay.

Thanks. 👍🏻

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Hi, my bitshares wallet id is :- ekramhossain1616

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Hi, this is my Bitshare ID: jvrsbstn-1980

Such a high cost. Really need a sharebits account to do these contests.

Thanks!! We'll be in touch.

Hi @machnbirdsparo

I really wish all the best to this project. However I must admit that this post is quite messy and confusing a bit

This is all I needed to post :)

The rest, by design, was aimed at gaming and statistically-minded sports enthusiasts. We wanted to keep out spammers and reach people who follow sports on a daily basis. I get it though, not many people like the style of the Wall Street Journal, with all the numbers. For those who enjoy perusing by-the-numbers sporting results, then this style is probably welcoming.

I agree with you on the confusion in the message of the content, you should expand a little more. In the same way me the congratulations for the above-mentioned. Greetings.

For those who participated, they can claim rewards by replying with their bitshares id.

For people interested in the future of SprtsHub, check out:

The rest is more advance crypto stuff, such as, user-issued assets.

Hi, @machnbirdsparo!

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