Lovejuice Minnow Promotion // Let Lovejuice Promote Your Work and Receive 5 SBD!

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Lovejuice Wants To Help Minnows Grow!

We all know as a minnow it takes time to grow before you start receiving nice payouts on posts.
Well, @lovejuice is here to help!
@lovejuice is a loving little bid bot that wants to pay you for quality submissions!

This initiative is brought to you by @aggroed, the creator of @lovejuice, the Minnow Support Project, and the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Discord Channel.

@aggroed’s initial idea was to offer 5 SBD to each person who submitted a short story or poem about @lovejuice, but he has recently expanded his generosity to include ANY high quality content!

This promotion is intended for minnows who generally receive less than $5 on their own posts so that they have a chance to make more money and also promote their work to @lovejuice's near 1,000 followers.
But, anyone is welcome to submit something.
You will also have a chance for your work to be resteemed on the Minnow Support Account which has 5,766 followers!

This is @lovejuice's way to promote the bot while also give back to the community.
The main goal here is to help promote and support minnows so you can submit anything you want!

Here is a list of some preferable ideas

  • Stories or poems about @lovejuice (Erotic or family friendly)
  • Posts about the Minnow Support Project
  • Posts about the Palnet Discord
  • Posts about the concepts of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty
  • Posts about Steemit or Cryptocurrency
  • Posts about projects you are working on to help the Steemit Community
  • Original short stories or poetry
  • Original artwork/photography (please provide some text along with your art)
  • Original music
  • Posts about cats and aliens?


  • Your submission must be your own original work that has never been posted on Steemit before
  • Your submission will be posted through the @lovejuice account, so DO NOT send an already published Steemit post.
  • You will be given credit for your work on the post and you can also put a promotional line about yourself in the post
  • You can submit your work in the comment section here or send it to Isaria#5473 via DM in the Palnet Discord
  • Preferably format your submission using and submit the link
  • If your work is accepted and posted, you will receive 5 SBD upon payout of your @lovejuice post.
  • You will receive even more if the post happens to get hit with some Whale votes!

About Lovejuice

@lovejuice is a small bid bot meant to help smaller community members get a head start.

It gives access to larger votes to smaller accounts and it's a fun way to get a nice boost. It's not only a way to help newbies get off the ground, but it's also great to use on posts other than your own in order to help other members of the community.

@lovejuice has a 0.1SBD minimum bid. So for 0.1 sbds you basically have a chance at up to 1.2-1.6 SBDs. If you're timing is good it's a pretty sweet deal.

And remember:

Lovejuice is best shared between 2 or more people rather than simply sprayed all over yourself!

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Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Your submission will be posted through the @lovejuice account, so DO NOT send an already published Steemit post.

I do not understand - I can publish a post and post a link to it?

From the rules, I realized that you do not need to publish - but at the same time I see how many people send links to their posts?

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I generally receive less than $1 SBD/Steem on my posts. Actually I receive less than $0.50 SBD on my posts most of the time.
Even with the help of the Minnow Support. I rarely receive more than $1 SBD/Steem on my posts.
No matter what I do and what I write/post about.
I am actively upvoting and resteeming other people's posts. Sometimes I am commenting under other people's posts.
I would like to say thank you for this (and for other) bot(s) and thank you for this opportunity!
As well as for the Minnow Support Project and the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Discord Channel.
I hope that these things/communities/tools will help people like me!

Enjoy Steemit!
Have a nice evening!

Seek out @thealliance
Together we are giants.

Well, you're the target audience. I hope you write some stuff and work with @isaria. Thanks for commenting how this will benefit you.

Hi @aggroed
I made a nice post about about @lovejuice
It would be great if you could check it out
I hope is OK

Best Regards

Same here. ;)

This post received a 20% vote by @minnowsupport courtesy of @isaria from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

Upvoting this comment will help support @minnowsupport.

This post has been resteemed by @minnowsupport courtesy of @isaria from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

Upvoting this comment will help support @minnowsupport.

Wow! Thanks for this great opportunity, looking forward to make use of @lovejuice

@lovejuice, here is my only slightly erotic, original poem for you to consider.

Wear Me like a Dress

I want you to wear me like a dress,
so when you breathe, I feel
the tightness of your breath.

Your slender arms thread
their way through mine,
arousing them from my sides.

My hips swell, and you fill
the hollow space between
my legs with your step.

I could learn how to dance
from the way your body moves
within the shell of mine.

And when you were through,
I'd slouch over a chair, or fall
in a heap on your bedroom floor.

As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down a different road. We will never come to exactly the same point. Every decision that we make has significance and The tiniest choice that we make reverberates throughout the entire universe.

They say people who are quiet want to be heard. I can't say that that describes me, although, yes, I am a quiet person, and yes, I am begging to be heard, but no, I don't think these are related. I can be loud, and often are, when I need to; I am an over-degreed singer, lest you know. But, more so I am a thinker. A thinking ape, if you will. But insofar as the quiet person's metaphor goes; I constructed a poem for my wife using simple symbol substitution. I did this so that an investment in time must be made before truly understanding the words I said. Until that time, the art is in the viewing, and love is in its' understanding. I will not force your hand to paper here, so I decrypted the poem. The prose I use is antiquated as this is a voice I often hear when creating. Take care with the paradoxical syntax, this IS poetry. Do enjoy!

I penned the original by hand.

Hello @lovejuice I was hesitant to post my comment and show my drawing. It is not as great as how other artist draw. But I made this as an outlet of being gloomy. This past few days I was feeling down for no reason. This is the third drawing I did. I love nature so much so I usually draw anything that is related to nature. Thank you for this opportunity.


Widely spread beyond my eyes
Rolling, bubbling in and out of joy
Singing sacred flowing lyrics
Up;beneath a bed of silver

Creatures, deep inside sea indeed
Edible fishes for our teeth
See the sea twin up on top of a gill
Far beyond the closest reach

Wide, cool and also blue

Original poetry written by @dtwo

hello i get beautiful poem just take a look ☺ hope you will like it

LoveJuice... I like that name ;)

it is asking password. what is it?

Sorry @lovejuice
I can not post a post that has been published.


I will write again.

Hola @lovejuice ¿cómo estás? .. buscó escribir para preguntarte, que pasa con los Sbd que se te envian, por lo que envió dos veces y no he logrado obtener su retorno. muchas gracias @victorlondono

Hi @lovejuice, how are you? .. looked to write to ask you, what happens with the Sbd that you are sent, so I sent it twice and I have not managed to get your return. thank you very much @victorlondono

This my post @lovejuice , please check if i qualify for this contest

Hi, guys! What about this post -

It will be upvoted?

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nice idea :) used to get big payouts sometimes, now, suddenly since a few months ago, I get very little. so i´ll post an image here? it goes : see more at my blog @art21

Thanks for your work as well! Followed @lovejuice

@lovejuice Thank you for your work, I invite you to evaluate my work.

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@lovejuice I am very new and just learning about this site. This is an original musical spokenword piece. A play on love and nature. I hope this format works. Thanks.

It's great idea which you people have come with. Here is my small post, Information on transfering steem to wallet from different wallet it might help newbie or some one stuck in transaction.

A poem for you to consider:


the cello is a bus, by Robin Wyatt Dunn

the cello is a bus
without a road
making the ocean go home
over the trees

the cello is a road
no one has seen
play it for me please

I'm dying
Keats is here
bleeding over my face

The 5 blind men ..... wonder what they were touching.
Erotic poetry? Can I just send my pic instead?
On the other hand this is fantastic. I wish I saw this post 3 hours ago ( when it was just a twinkle in @lovejuice eyes. I just wrote a post that took me 3 hours. I never had good timing.
I would love to see this go far. Best of luck with your great efforts.

This is great thank you! These topics are exactly what I write about and where I would like to write from, this could really help me. I spend a lot of time on my posts but don't have the following yet. I Steem on!

I am not confident in my writing so usually stick to art and photography which are my favorite posts. I also enjoy following others creative ideas and believe Steemit has a great future, especially as an outlet for this creativity as well as an opportunity to see some reward for efforts.
I have been on Steemit now for about 2 months and recently have seen more response to posts, but rarely see rewards of 0.50 or more.
I still am trying to figure out how all this works but am having a lot of fun along the way. I have almost forgotten what Facebook looks like.

Anyway, here is my new post submission, and THANK YOU for the opportunity.

Thanks for doing this..This is my post
hope you like it.
I love writing short poems and stories on life and love basically,and definitely would love to expand my writing skills.
check out my post


@lovejuice as a newbie I'm having a hard time understanding the rules but great initiatives here

is that work going on?

i send my work . bt if u rezect?

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Hello @lovejuice and @aggroed. :)

Here's my share of keeping Steemit an amazing, one of a kind, and beneficial place for everyone who thinks and work hard to earn and gain network/friends.

Link ↓
Please STOP. Steemit is not like any other SOCIAL MEDIA Platform.

Thank you very much.
This is an incredible drive. Very helpful, makes one felt belong, noticed and appreciated.

More power!! ♥

This is a nice initiative @lovejuice. It's really difficult for minnows to have up to 1SBD on posts and it can be very frustrating. This is so nice of you wanting to help us have a great start. Can I write a true life short story and how many words is expected in the story?

Thank you for helping us out with such empowering initiatives. Here's my submission:

I feel really good and i thank @lovejuice for organizing this contest.

This is my entry;

What appears clear about posting 'original' new material to @lovejuice is clearly not being understood if the most recent posts are anything to go by

"Your submission will be posted through the @lovejuice account, so DO NOT send an already published Steemit post."


Image source: "Cool Hand Luke" 1969 Warner Bros.

If you want the 'juice' here is where it's at



All big fish were little once
Keep that in mind, okay?
The minnows that you throw some flakes
Might keep you alive someday.

So drip some lovejuice in the tank
A drop or two will do
You don't have to rob a bank
It comes right back to you.

Original photography and poetry by me, @hope-k! @lovejuice @aggroed @minnowsupport

Awesome, I like this idea, please check my artwork, I think it deserves some more attention then it hes(may it be I'm wrong)

Good ShareThis

Hungry Dreams

   I dream of a land
      Brighter than the sun
   Saddled with love
       Barricaded with desires

    I dream of the moon
       When it's light will lit my fantasy
    Where lust will be in oblivion
         And pride will lost as the unicorn

    I dream of a place
       Where mama will always smile
    Where brother will always be proud of me
        Where I'll feel no regrets

    I dream of a place 
       Accelerated by passion
    I mean my dreams of late
        Where my profession couldn't take me

@lovejuice, here is my post.

**FAILURE: never the opposite of success**

A number of times when we fail in life, we asssume we've committed the worst crime the mother has ever witnessed. And trust me, that's a wrong to approach failure.

Failure is never the opposite of success, it is rather a part of it. I can imagine a kind of success which does not encapsulate failure. That must really be from out of this world.

The sincere but blunt truth is that an attempt at whatever it is we want to do in lifeis characterised with a lot of predictable uncertainties. For in instance, a boxer knows that entering the ring will fetch one of three things: win, lose and draw. However, he uncertain of what would be his eventual actual outcome. Interestingly, that he made an attempt to enter the ring is enough success on its own.

So, success is in other words, a cumulative process. An attempt at doing is success on its own. Your eventual breakthrough is just a case of accumulated success.

Let me quickly tell yo something interseting. The real failure is falling and not ever getting up or not even attempting to fail at all.
If you study the lives of the most successful people in the world, you would see that they all share one thing in common. And it is the non disputable fact that they however failed at some point in their lives. Was is it Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday, Ben Carson, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, Nelso Mandela, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola etc that never failed? Apparently, every one of them had their proportionate share of the nature's national cake called FAILURE. However, what made the difference ia how they all chose to handle or approach it. While some might have remained with their back to the ground, they chose to take failure with a pinch of salt, and here we are celebrating.

In conclusion, this is what i have to say to you my dear reader, you become a failure the day you stop to move or try. So, keep moving and make sure you get up real hard as you fail reall hard.

how can I post something through @lovejuice account? I first have to write as a blog. ? I would love to do so :-) but do not how?

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello! I'm sending a link to the poem. It is in Russian and English ... Unfortunately, I can translate in English only with a Google translator ... I do not know if it will fit ...

Here is another link - to my drawing (monotype) with the text. I really hope that it will work!

Hello! Is your promotion still working? Can I write my hackmd link here, in comment?

Hello! Is your promotion still working? Can I write my hackmd link here, in comment?

I dont know if i even have .1 sbd but i did write something for another contest that fits this criteria. Can i enter it?

You don't need to pay to enter anything. Submit something here in the comments or on discord, but it can't be something you already posted on Steemit.

i wrote it for a contest that ends tomorrow. if that fits please and thanks! I will @ and resteem you all as well.

This is a poem I wrote some time ago, it's called Loneliness. Btw, sorry for my bad english, it's the first time I write a poem in english. I hope you enjoy it @isaria @lovejuice

Last night I felt her next to me, imploring desperately to make love, but in the vastness of my bed I tried to touch her body and there was nothing but your name in the void.

In the deepest darkness, I heard her voice screaming moans between the silences of my words, but it was your whisper, mimicking the pleasant sound of her presence.

Last night I felt her nails scratching my skin with routine tenderness, but it only was your unsatisfied longing of being touched.

Under the warmth of my sheets I found her sweet scent, but it wasn’t more than the passion of the memories we left clothed in them.

Last night I thought I found her caresses sculpted over my body, but it only was the scars that your company has left me every night while I evoked in my dreams the moments when she was mine and I was hers.

In the infinity of my room, I imagined I'd saw her shadow shaped on the walls as a premise of her comeback, but it only was your mocking figure, making fun of my pain for losing her.

Last night I heard her heart beating carefully next to mine, just to not wake him up, but it only was your nostalgic mourn, refusing the fact that my heartbeats still scream her name.

Last night…
Last night I felt her sleeping in my arms, but then I woke up and it was just you…

@lovejuice This is my last post post and it's about micro-earnings for people to start and invest in sbd/steem & whatever altcurrency they'd feel like doing.

Check it please, its meant for 3rd world people who cant afford to buy BTC easily.

  ·  last year (edited)

Here's my submission @lovejuice , and thank you for this opportunity, be happy & smile often :)

Also I have been unable to access the URL given for your peace discord channel for days now, is there a problem?

I just felt I needed to appreciate the minnow support project.

Thank you @lovejuice for this opportunity, this is my entry.


I was directed here from a list of contests by @moneyinfant , and I'm a little confused if we submit on this old posting or if there is another place? (I already follow you and have looked through your more recent posts and am still confused, sorry)

oh I wasn't following you but I have used your bot before , that's why the name looked familiar haha

Are you on steembottracker or how are you found to bid

Thanks for supporting the community

@lovejuice, here is a short one :)

At Lovejuice,
Not for abuse
Or Misuse
Unless it is in the bedroom!