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Big Love

From your bed you will have to hear me

You to whom I gave songs and insults

You whom I met so suddenly

Because each of my words is going to follow you

And to hang on to you

Because all my veins have been opened

And my parted lips

Where the caresses can not be measured

More than based on caresses

Melt on me the elasticity of your eyes

Two that upon seeing themselves understand that they are moored

One to the other over the world or beyond

Two who have no will to wear themselves

No truce like two clouds

And this gum that barely reaches

To get rid of their flames

If lower or raise if you order or deliver

If everything leads us to that beautiful and unreachable place

Dissolves in the dust of the sky

I was for you and you for my heart

Only dark symbols

were the endless nights of love

And fleeting music the echo of the crossings

A smell that I love and come down from his neck

You return with your great banner

And your boars turned into a fiery prophet

And kill them from your white prison

To sweeten my sleep

Written by: @lilo21


I invite you to the contest and participate in this great space that allows you to observe your creativity and originality

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