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Dear Steemians!

It is of great pleasure to announce the successful completion of the Travel Photo Contest Edition #5


Thank you for all your entries! I saw so many wonderful places and moments. 23 photographers took part in this contest, thank you all!

@miniu, @revo, @bonp, @axeman, @eroz, @davewuk, @fitinfun, @jayclar30, @boddhisattva, @itchyfeetdonica, @olivia08, @mers, @crazy-andy, @fonteynb, @fiftysixnorth, @guchtere, @soulsdetour, @dboontje, @volcandemorcilla, @manoldonchev, @tixinhacapitinha, @trincowski, @whimsical-magic

All those talented Steemians above deserve our appreciation and support!

Now is the time to share with you that it was extremely difficult (AGAIN) to select the winners and it took me much more time to do that than I expected :)

So please visit the blogs of all the winners, IMHO they are all great artists, and give them some STEEM love by upvoting their latest works and following them ;) :P

Let me start with the easiest part, the random winner, where I used an online tool:


Congrats, @volcandemorcilla! You win the random participation prize of 1 SBI!

Rank #3 and 1 SBI, congrats, @davewuk, your photo makes me wanna be there and I really like the story you've shared with us!

Rank #2 and 3 SBI, congrats, @fiftysixnorth, and thank you for sharing with us that moody moment of this world known landmark, I think you've done great work considering the conditions!

And now.... the biggest winner... (DRUMROLL here)

Rank #1 and 5 SBI, congrats, @revo, you've waited for and captured an amazing moment. Your photo is really distinctive and different from the thousands of photos I've seen of this famous and scenery place!

Once again, let me tell you how difficult it was to me to select the winners. So many amazing visuals! You guys are getting better and better, WOW! :)

All winners, I will let you know by comment when I send the SBI shares in your names.

Stay tuned, I will announce the next edition of the Travel Photo Contest soon.

Keep up the great work and STEEM on!

Special thanks to the @steembasicincome initiative for inspiring us!

Copyright: Damian Hadjiyvanov, Light Captured
If you want to use any of my visuals, please drop me a message, I'm on Discord: lightcaptured#2698

Thank you and have a great day!


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Thanks heaps, @lightcaptured!

Welcome! Keep up the great work! 📸🍻

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Thanks for picking my image :) And great call on 1st place, that is an amazing shot. The type of thing I'd expect to see in national geographic! congrats to @revo and @davewuk :)

Thanks @fiftysixnorth. :)

My pleasure! There were so many great images sent to the contest this time, it was extremely difficult to pick up only three of them... Indeed, the winning one is truly exceptional! 😎📸

Cheers 🍻

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Congratulations on your contest and the opportunity to share these moments with everyone! Cheers😊

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Thank you for making this contest even better! Until the next time! 😉📸🍻

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Congrats, people! And huge thanks to @lightcaptured for running the contest :) See you around!

Thanks so much for your support and participation, Manol! 🍻📸

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Thank you for choosing my photo, and well done to all those who took part.

My pleasure! Congrats once again! 👍📸🍻

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Thank you for choosing
My photo, and well done to
All those who took part.

                 - davewuk

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Congrats to all the winners and thank you for organizing this contest 😍

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Thank you! I hope to see more entries by you soon! 😉📸

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Thank you so much, friends 😀

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You are very welcome! Keep up the great work! 🌞😎📸

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Congratulations to all the winners. Excellent photos!