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Win a copy of Positive Strides. Here are the rules. The book price is 5 SBD. So, if the post reward goes to 8/3 of the list price (13.333 SBD), I will get 5 SBD in reward and someone will win a copy of the e-book. The author of the book will be paid.

The book is a story of courage where the person in the book faces being HIV+. The uploader is @drdsp (Racheal Turner) and appears to be authentic.

If anyone ever imagined that being diagnosed with HIV meant the end of a life worth living, Rachel's story will shatter the misconception. She has found love, adventure and motherhood and continues to enjoy good health and a full life. As a book this is an enjoyable tale for every backpacker, biker and armchair traveler. As a story it contains a huge message for anyone who has ever faced serious illness and suffered fear.

What follows is a tale of adventure around India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and the Philippines. It includes horrifying experiences such as Rachel spending three days unconscious in a filthy rural hospital in India following a severe epilepsy attack; and a mugging in the Philippines in which both Rachel and Garry are injured.There are encounters with remarkable people such as Max Strong, the American missionary who has devoted his life to improving the lives of Indian children. There are highlights of wonder and achievement; frustrations with motorbikes and foreign customs; and Garry's romantic proposal of marriage in Bangkok. It is all told in an entertaining and immediate style.

Recommended to be read in conjunction with Positive Strides Photo Book. This will truly allow the reader to experience first-hand Rachel's adventure.

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