Contest Kitchen 1

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Hellooooo Pioneer Steemians!



Steemit Pioneers and Kitchen Chefs! Plans changed a bit, we are splitting the original idea into two separate contest postings.

We begin our virtual Contest Kitchen series with a simple Recipe Contest 1, judged by fumbling-junior-chef @leeuw.

Here, Contest Judge @perlanacarada and Kitchen-Chef Judge @jennimorillo are our non-playing honourable observers at 1 STEEM remuneration each, payable from @leeuw's wallet. They are welcome to comment with their culinary insights at their pleasure (without revealing solutions of course hahaha).

To play, our worthy contestants (many of them Kitchen Chefs in their own right) will make one comment guessing the name of the simple dish and the names of 7 the ingredients A through G as per the image of the dish.

These are the ingredients that Junior Chef @leeuw uses for this dish - NOT the ingredients that a contestant would or would like to use!

for example:

dish name is xxxxxxxx

A = ....
B = ....
C = ....

Winner #1 (3 STEEM), decided by Junior Chef @leeuw will be the first to comment the exact (or the most close) ingredients of @leeuw's recipe.

Junior Chef @leeuw will also announce 3 runners-up to win 1 STEEM

A much more sophisticated recipe contest (Contest Kitchen 2) next up is scheduled to be judged by Kitchen-Chef Judge @jennimorillo with @perlanacarada planned as Honourable Observer and as a tie-breaking Judge if needed.


Good Luck to all! Can we smell the ingredients yet?


When I see a pizza, I mentally head to Italy, since, par excellence, it is one of the most famous dishes and has the most followers in the world, and it is also one of the favorite national dishes of Italians. Every day are consumed in Italy thousands and thousands of pizzas and the many pizzerias that Italy has is national pride and it is mandatory for tourists to taste a delicious pizza, as we see chose a very versatile recipe full of many palatable flavors, here we will see the creativity of the participants, luck to all. @leeuw

when @perlanacarada talks we listen - or use a translate function as is in the case of Fumble Kitchen Chef @leeuw hahaha!

Usted también traduce su respuesta en español 😉

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pero pero pero! yo no habla Espagnol!

Cuando era niño, me regañaban cada vez que respondía a alguien en otro idioma. Ya sabes Hablamos inglés y francés. Te estaba extendiendo mi entrenamiento, jajaja, ¡lo siento!

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aahhh your German is impeccable!

Actually, it's Portuguese! 😅

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The idea is that the information, all the participants knew, but I forgot to translate the text, in Spanish and English thousand apologies, @leeuw🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😜😜😜😜😁😁😁🧓🧓🧓

haha me just making jokes all the time here and enjoying all comments all the time pero pero no es un problemo porque yo habla muy bien Espagnol como un grande jeffe (!?) does i make any sense at all??

but but but! yo habla solamente espagnol! hahaha que dice?

It's actually fun translating and knowing a few Spanish words

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Hello friend what good to know about you, and if it is very funny some words in Spanish to be translated, a big hello to you, @akomoajong

It's the same thing as translating some English words

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A: Baked flat bread (pizza dough)
B: tomato sauce
C: Mozzarella cheese
D: Peppers
E: Broccoli
F: Olives
G: Oregano

This is what this dish smells like and I think what a delicious ehuele

furiously fast and close huh? but close and fast enough? we'll find out!!!

I think I'm close is what my nose tells me haha

I was here checking my updates and I see your contest so I ran out to see what you had prepared

yeah hahaha well @leeuw is just relaxing and enjoying the action!

Name of the dish: Pizza with vegetables

A = Special pizza dough

B = Pizza sauce

C = melted cheese

D = Pimenton

E = Brocoli

F = Olives

G = Peas

i like it! but is it what i use? we have to wait and see

I left the day and I was very busy, I see that there is a lot of activity here, there is a very playful judge, and two in silence for sure deliberating the results already since this is close

This is what I like cooking so I'm going to try it, I think you have unique ingredients here that when you combine them you make a good meal and I can feel that smell coming out of your kitchen

Vegetarian Pizza

A= Pizza bread
B= Tomato based pizza sauce
C= Yellow cheese melted
D= Peppers
E= I think this ingredient is broccoli
F= Olives
G= Green peas

let the recipes fly by! Thank you... mmmm the smell...yumm

Hello Friend how are you? it's great to start the day thinking about food hahaha, I'll be in my kitchen waiting for the tickets

Greetings to all!

Guess I'm late!

Dish name is Pizza

A= Pizza bread
B= Pizza sauce
C= Melted cheese
D= Peppers
E= Broccoli
F= Olives
G= Peas

Simple answers! Lol

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yeah some out here are furious and fast, but are they also it furiously close? and this is only the beginning of the kitchen although i plan to also mix with puzzles, words, hide graphic puzzles etc

Great idea!

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Friend, how are you? you are a chef, as Leeuw says it is pizza that is very easy to prepare, I love pizza

Hi Jenni, yeah pizza taste good. I see comments talking about the smell but I'm getting the amazing taste of that which is in the post above lol

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Hello Friend! Here my entrance ...
The specialty of the house is: La Pizza.
A: Dough or pizza bread.
B: Tomato sauce.
C: Melted Cheddar cheese.
D: Paprika
E: Spinach leaves.
F: Green Olives.
G: Oregano.

yep! thanks, we are all very close, and i can 'reveal' that the dish is La Pizza (surprise!!!) hahaha it comes down to those last few ingredients that a fumbling junior chef like a @leeuw would use... are they all guessed by someone... or not yet...??

I hope that I have guessed all the ingredients hahahaha!

I think something is late, but I hope to have some action!
Vegetarian pizza

A_ Pizza dough
B_ Salsa
C_ Mozzarella cheese
D_ Pimenton
E_ Spinach
F_ Olives
G_ Oregano

ahhh... salsa!!!! you like it hot huh? Talk about action! But does @leeuw like it hot? maybe...!

Good day, leeuw very interesting and ready to learn from all the participants. as always grateful for your support on a daily basis, publish a rich recipe in the preamble of your contest and to warm up engines, greetings a big hug from Venezuela. @leeuw

thanks for your comment, honourable observing judge!

Friend, I'm going to prepare my favorite food!
A rich "PIZZA"
Its ingredients are:
A) Bread for Pizza.
B) Tomato sauce for pizza.
C) Melted yellow cheese.
D) Green paprika
E) Basil.
F) Olives.
G) Oregano.

E and G: MasterChef material!!!!

Hello esteeming friend, this contest has given me a great craving, hahaha. I'm going with my ticket:

I see a delicious vegetarian pizza.

a) Pizza bread.
b) pizza sauce.
c) mozarella cheese.
d) paprika wheels.
e) pickle
f) green olives.
g) green peas

I hope to be close to the recipe of the chef @leeuw, and be able to try this succulent pizza. Hahaha.

yep, vegetarian and tasty that is according to fumbling superrrr chef @leeuw haha. hmmm... pickle... interesting...

Wow I see I see? What a delicious contest, I think that more than one will open your appetite.

I think it's a vegetable pizza.

a) Pizza bread.
b) pizza sauce.
c) cheddar cheese.
d) paprika wheels.
e) brocoli.
f) green olives.
g) peas.

Upps I think I was going to eat this really gave me an appetite.

bon appetit!

Hello friend, I see a vegetarian pizza
a, bread for pizza
b, tomato sauce
c, yellow cheese
d, paprika on wheels
e, gherkins
f, peas
g, oregano

Thank you for your participation! Is this exactly @leeuw's pizza? I'm not allowed to say anything yet!

In 1889, to celebrate the visit of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita Teresa of Savoy, Esposito invented three different pizzas The pizza chosen by the queen from among the three was the one that by its contents reminded her of the flag of Italy: green ( basil leaves), white (mozzarella cheese) and red (tomatoes).

It is incredible how, over the years, pizza is part of every human being, with an infinite number of ingredients to suit each person. Pizza occupies a privileged place in the world.

@leeuw chose a great menu for this contest, the ingredients are still a mystery but I know that many are close. My favorite pizza is the 4 cheeses and the margarita.

thanks for the anekdote! ahhh... la quatro formaggio, mozzarella, stracchino, fontina and gorgonzola. mamma mia!

This publication made me hungry, and really causes a lot like this.
vegetarian pizza
a- pizza bread
b- pizza sauce
c-mozzarella cheese
d- pimenton
e- basil leaves
f- peas
g- oregano

is this one my exact pizza? could be, can't say anything yet, although i am the judge and @jennimorillo and @perlanacarada are notpaying attention hahaha

Of course I'm aware, I still like the margarita and four cheeses, but it's quite versatile and there are many combinations depending on the taste of the diner, in addition to the culinary customs of the country where they live, wait at the end, and you'll see the many combinations that I have come to try.🧓🧓🍕🍕🍕🍕

Thanks for the PizzAnalysis! i was hoping you were not paying attention hahaha, now i have to behave myself again!

jajajajajaja, yellow card 👁👁👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🧓🧓🧓🧓

Beware of Leeuw yellow cards 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🧓🧓🧓🧓

ooops, silence is golden, silencio esta de oro haha, silencio es el palabra! yellow cards are too expensive, i am behaving again

If they are very expensive 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🧓🧓🧓🧓 you should take care of yourself!

To prepare PIZZA, Mmm

judging is going to be difficult, i like what i see here, but is it what the fumbling chef cooked?

Hello friends!!
I arrive at the time that I prepare a delicious Mexican pizza, I hope all these are the ingredients that you friend leeuw has used.
A) Base bread for pizza.
B) Tomato sauce.
C) Mozarrella cheese.
D) Jalapeño.
E) Basil leaves
F) Green olives.
G) Peas.

Arriving somewhat late to the preparation of "special pizza leeuw" the ingredients that I use for the preparation of my pizza are:
A) Dough for my pizza bread
B) Tomato sauce
C) Melted mozzarella cheese
D) Pimenton
E) Fresh basil leaves
F) Olives
G) Oregano.

I hope with all my heart they are the same ingredients that the chef leeuw use, because this pizza has a fantastic smell!