contest 9 expiry

in contest •  6 months ago


contest #9 has expired and we have winners, namely an OWL (@fher), a SNAIL (@valenlove) and a BUTTERFLY (@sheskanto) 🤣😅🤣😁😃 congratulations!! 🥂

@leeuw will now evaluate this contest, transfer the prizes and make further announcements later regarding this and the next puzzle which will involve many many OWLS!!

and, @leeuw is working on some surprise ideas and simply, more fun. Many thanks again to all steemian friends and until very soon!

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Wow what a joy, my little turbo is in the winners. That's why they say that in the rush only fatigue remains, hahaha. Thanks friend @leeuw, I really had a lot of fun with all the entries.



happy that you had some fun, me cooking up some new ideas for contest or puzzles, stay tuned and of course a big thank you for participating

Friend, how are you? I'll be up to date with your riddles that help me a lot to distract me. I congratulate the winners

My regards, brother!


thank you @alejo1996, stand by, cos @leeuw is plotting and cooking up (🍮😉) some i think interesting contest offers!