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cool, and attentive!

Friend, how are you? I am active


Friend, how are you? I am surrounded by my granddaughters so I have many eyes today because they are taking care of me so I will have a lot of help

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I was waiting for this, greetings leeuw

hello good friends, great to see you all around! the posting and start of this contest is scheduled, using steemauto, in about 4 hours from now. its kind of interactive because one can change one's guess as the market moves until game expiry


Thanks to this contest, I entered Steemauto for the first time, so I did not use it, so I could not participate. I like the fact that I'm using new tools from the community.


no worries, just wait for my posting in like two hours, then participate by making your price guess as a comment to that posting, see u there!

Hello my dear friend, I am again activating here, what good to know about you, I will be tempted. A hug.