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Good day to everyone steeming! Today i would like to ask your opinion, i cooked up this idea to offer a reward of 5 STEEM from @leeuws's wallet for the 'outsourced' task of posting the 'hide @fher's OWLS' winning puzzle.

First, @leeuw would post a short contest whereby one steemian ('applicant') wins the right to earn 5 STEEM by posting and administering the puzzle on their own steemit blog, 2.5 STEEM upfront and 2.5 STEEM after completion.

Applications would be open exclusively to the 10 participants in my contest #9 and also to the judges (upvoters in contest #9) . Contest #9 is expired and upvoting now will not count.

The puzzle itself has another 5 STEEM prize pot from @leeuw's wallet (for ex. 1x2 + 3x1 STEEM) and will be open to all steemians.

I'm not sure, so my question, is this idea FUN/OK/RUBBISH? And would you consider to apply? Thanks!

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hello hello friend, I want to apply for this contest, I want to be the creator of my puzzle, totally excited with the idea.


hola hola amigooooo! thank you! look out for the posting which starts the 'application contest'!

I really like your post contest #10. The image is just stunning. I am interested in participating.

It is a brilliant idea, to recognize those of us who are working with you.

Hello friend, I think it's an excellent idea, it fills me with pride to count among your frequent followers and see that you have that big heart, to help your followers, apart from that it's very funny for me and nothing to say that it can be rubbish, that leads us to investigate and learn every day something new, I also think that for you is a way to encourage your followers in this puzzle edition, I have had the opportunity to win in any of them, and I feel very privileged, also to have your great support and feel honored that you visit my blog, and do not faint on the web and continue looking to the future with hope and with the faith that we will always be together working a bright future in the network, while we have fun, great regards and respect for you @leeuw


great! that is green light!


and yes, you are entirely correct in all the many ways, indeed @leeuw 's purpose is pretty much to achieve exactly as you so eloquently described!

Hello Friend how are you? every day I feel happy for your support, you are a very happy person, your comments always make me laugh, as for the contest I see that you have given positive opinions so go ahead with that I hope it is difficult because the prize is worth it

I need to ask you the contest will be with this same riddle of @fher?


green light! thanks. yes, the winning 'applicant' would graphically create and post the puzzle based on @fher's two images in contest #9. and, you are spot on! laughing is indeed going to be the important part in this not-so-ordinary 'application process' so be ready in my next post to put your jokers hat on ! 🤡🤡🤡🤣😄🤣

Brother a pleasure to greet you here I am to participate in what I think is one of the funniest contests you have a bit of everything and you strive to help many and apart we have fun


thank you for your support and attendance, it is moral boosting surely. we have @steemgh serious medical situation weighing heavy on our minds and i hope to boost our morale with some healthy laughter and we wish @steemgh a good healing and recovery so he can join us again soon

Oh! I will not be eligible to participate 😧😥😅 please consider making it open for everyone 😉

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i like your enthousiasm, typical steemian! it cant be open contest cos it might become too hard to manage 😬. lets see what happens, in any case the actual puzzle itself should be open to everyone as usual. UPDATE: also, if this experiment works out well then @leeuw's blog might have more of this kind of combo-puzzles


Alright! 👌

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A green light from me too friend.
You are always full of ideas.
The idea is ok and fun. 😃😃


thank you, see you around for the puzzle!

steemians, i got many 'green lights' meaning not rubbish, @leeuw will go ahead and post a new posting soon with a contest #10A to win the task to produce puzzle #10B, thank you all for the heads-up!!


Hello, waiting for the new challenge, where I aspire to place the jokers cap, greetings friend @leeuw👀👀


thank you, prepped the logistics of this double contest, almost ready to publish any time!

Wow I'm late to give my opinion, but I'm glad that many approve this magnificent proposal. So I'll be anxious waiting for the new guidelines dear friend.


thanks for your opinion, no worries, you are 'eligible' 🤣 for both contest 10A and 10B good luck!

Friend how are you? Although we have different schedules when public sometimes I'm asleep hahaha but I'll be attentive


no worries, there will be ample time for commenting and playing puzzle. @leeuw hopes to publish like 1 per week @ at least 5 STEEM/SBD prize pot. thanks to the steemit curation rewards @leeuw receives daily, these curation rewards are earnings being returned to you steemians steeming on, a big thank you all! In fact, @leeuw's SP could still grow by a few SP per week, which increases the curation and upvote values to you a tiny bit as well.

Present brother!