Selfie Photography Contest | Chamce to Earn 15% From This Post.

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Bird Photography Contest-#20



Comment with perfect click of color combination. Spams comments are not eligible for this contest.[IMP]
Upvote with 100% this post, that's helps us to grow fast.[IMP]
Resteem this post, if you like this post will reach to every steemian's.[IMP]
Winner announce next Saturday at 6:00PM GMT +5:30.

Contest Schedule

Monday- Selfie Photography Contest.
Tuesday- Smile Photography Contest.
Wednesday- Group Photography Contest.
Thursday- Animal Photography Contest.
Friday- Nature Photography Contest.
Saturday- Birds Photography Contest.
Sunday- Color Photography Contest.



Winner receive the price from the 50% SBD in SBD of this post 7day earning.

  1. First rank winner get 20% SBD of this post earning.
  2. Second rank winner get 15% SBD of this post earning.
  3. Third rank winner get 10% SBD of this post earning.
  4. Other's participaters will get a free upvote from my side.

Official Link

Main Steemit Account:- @abdullahkhan9512
**Instagram:- **

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