Daily Brain Games 9 - how witty are you?

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Results of DBG 8

Hi everyone, thanks a lot for participating! Well, this contest seemed to be more difficult. I only received four good answers.

DBG 8 listed four Greek gods and goddesses:





The odd-one-out was Poseidon, there can be several reasons why, but I was originally thinking that he was the only god amongst the other three goddesses. :-)

I received four correct solutions:
Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 17.51.44.png

The winner was @doughtaker receiving 1 SBD. Congratulations!

I generated a random number to see who wins the 0.25 SBD. The random number generated was 2, therefore the winner of the random reward is the second person handing in the correct answer:
Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 17.52.43.png

The random reward of 0.25 SBD goes to @mchandra. Congratulations!

Today's puzzle

Replace the question marks with the proper number and tell me why do you have that solution!

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 17.53.35.png

To participate in the contest, please do the following:

  1. Upvote the post.

  2. Send your answer to me either as a private message on Discord (@ksolymosi#5065) or in an e-mail message ([email protected]). If you use Discord, please make sure that your Discord name is the same as your Steemit name, otherwise, it will be difficult for me to find you...

  3. Comment on the post containing the puzzle mentioning where I should look for your answer (for example „Answer sent via Discord").


Don't post your solution under the post containing the puzzle because then you ruin the game of others!

The answer should contain the identification number of the puzzle, too (for example DBG 1).

Answers should arrive until I post the results of the actual game (usually between 12.00 am and 8.00 pm UTC+1, but exceptions might occur...). This leaves approximately a 12-24 hour time window to send me your answers. (Answers arriving later will not be considered.)

It is possible to correct your answer by sending another solution, but only the last message will be considered for the reward. (So if you send the good answer first and then send another message with a wrong one, then, unfortunately, the wrong one will „participate" in the game.)

Please do not ask clarifying questions. I do my best to phrase instructions as clearly as possible. So everyone should work from the amount of information given in the post.

Detailed rules and information on the scoring and rewards can be found here.


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Not so good at word problem like yesterday, but I think I got it today. Delayed my comment to keep other people interested. I sent it in the email. Thank you for hosting this contest.

I've Discorded my answer in.

Possible solution sent via discord :D

Answered in your email

sent my wild guess via Discord :-)

Man, I hope your guess was correct and you're first. Today would be a good day for you to break into the win column in this new format.

Thank you for the support. Yeah, I still haven't got my luck since the new format. It's one of those solutions wherein I'm not sure if I am analyzing the puzzle too deep or too shallow haha. I'm not really confident with this one




Answer via Steem. Thanks for keeping it open after 'midnight'. :-D

Oh, yes, it is better this way. Time window will be always open until next day's post :-)
Thanks for the feedback about it!

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so unlucky :(

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