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My first birthday on the steem blockChain,it has been a great journey so far, I am happy and thankful to everyone that stood by me and never let me down

I can't thank everyone enough but God will bless you all genuinely.

So I am hosting this contest on behalf of myself


make a good birthday wish as a comment for me

Stating what you wish for me on my birthday.


Upvote and resteem this post

1.You must be my follower to participate

2.Comment with the highest number of comments wins irrespective of the dollar accumulated.

3.people supporting you must comment a birthday wish also e.g happy birthday @kristenantai01 under your comment.

4.One person cannot support more than one contestant,if found his or her votes will not be counted.

5.Contest ends on the 19th (and winners will be announced shortly after that on the 20th)


1st = 15steem

2nd= 10steem

3rd = 5steem

10 steem to be distributed to the top participants after the winners

Courtesy of @mbj

In addition every contestant will receive 50% upvote from @steemjetmedia account in support of my birthday.

Note: All rules will be checked and defaulters will be disqualified.


Contest has ended...the winners will be announced today thanks for participating..

Happy Birthday to beautiful @kristenantai01 you are the true face of Steemjet. Have a blast and be greater in this new year.

Happy birthday to @kristenantai01

Happy Birthday @kristenantai01

happy birthday @kristenantai01

Happy birthday @kristenantai01
God bless the works of your hand. Glad we became friends!

Happy birthday @kristenantai01..bigger you I pray

Happy birthday @kristenantai01 wishing you all your heart desire. Bless you!

Happy birthday @kristenantai01 ,you will last like olumo rock

Happy Birthday @kristenantai01


Happy Birthday @kristenantai01

Happy birthday @kristenantai01, more funds in your wallet

Happy birthday @kristenantai01, more wisdom fall on you

happy birthday @kristenantai01

Happy Birthday @kristenantai

Happy birthday @kristenantai01

Happy Birthday @kristenantai01

Happy Birthday To Kristen aren't I?... I'm wishing you joy unending and a lovely new year. Just as you've seen this day you'll see many more better days, I'm wishing you greatness unmatched, and long life so you'll enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Happy Birthday Once Again @kristenantai01

happy birthday kristenantai01

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Happy Birthday @kristenantai01"

Happy Birthday @kristenantai01

Happy Birthday @kristenantai01

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Happy birthday @kristenantai01 . you are looking so sweet dear o! Many many happy returns of the day. Stay well and Steem on!

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Happy Birthday @kristenantai01

Happy Birthday @kristenantai01

Happy birthday @kristenantai01

Happy birthday @kristenantai01

"Happy Birthday @kristenantai01" wish you long life and more cash above all Gods peace.

Happy Birthday @kristenantai01
God bless you plenty...

Happy happy happy birthday @kristenantai01.. May your live be filled with joy and wishing you more good life on earth!

Happy birthday @kristenantai

Happy birthday to @kristenantai01

Happy birthday @kristenantai01 wishing you the best

Happy birthday @kristenantain01.... More grace to u.

Happy birthday @kristenantai01, may you be blessed

Happy Birthday to the diva Kristen
I wish you all the best baby....
Keep looking young and frosh 😍😘

Happy birthday @kristenantai01

Have a blast

Birthday is a rare and beautiful moment once a year. Those who had the chance to celebrate were lucky people, as well as you. A gift from God to you this year you still breathe air. Happy birthday @kristenantai01, May you be blessed, and give good health to you.

i give Upvote to you, that is gift to your birthday :)

Not here for the contest, just wishing you a happy birthday.

The heaven rejoice with you, I wish you the very best of everything in life...Happy birthday @kristenantai01, may you be favoured

Happy birthday @kristenantai01

Happy birthday @kristenantai01

happy birthday @kristenantai01, all your heart shall be granted, bigger you I pray

Happy birthday @kristenantai01,wish you long life and success always be wirh you

Happy birthday @kristenantai01, I wish you all the best in life

Happy birthday @kristenantai01 stay blessed

Happy birthday @kristenantai01, I wish you all the best in life

Happy birthday @kristenantai01, may you live long

Happy Birthday @kristenantai01 God bless you :)

Happy birthday @kristenantai01

Happy birthday @kristenantai01, may your life be great.

Happy birthday Kristenantai01

Happy birthday @kristenantai01 we love you...

Happy birthday @kristenantai01. Be strong and live long.

Happy birthday @kristenantai01 llnp is all yours

Happy birthday @kristenantai01, more funds in. Your wallet

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Happy Birthday, @kristenantai01 ! Have a nice day tomorrow and much more after.


My dear @kristenantai01
A wish for you on your birthday,
Today is the first day of another 365-day journey and a new start. I wish you abundant happiness and love. Hopefully, another adventure filled year awaits you and all your birthday dreams and wishes come true. However, on the other hand, I’m not sure what you learned this year (20th October 2017 to 2018), but every experience transforms us into the people we are today.

Basically, I can not believe how lucky I am to have found a friend like you at Steemit. In reality, I may not be by your side celebrating your special day with you, but I want you to know that I’m thinking of you and wishing you an awesome/wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday...✌

Happy birthday to you! happy birthday!

Happy birthday 🎉

Happy birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday to our littttttle sisterrrrrrrr

Happy birthday 🎉🎉🎉

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

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Happy Birthday 🎂🎂

Happy Birthday @krishtenantai01.

May your special day be full of joy, joy and happiness.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday my dear friend @kristenantai01

"Happy Birthday"

Happy birthday 🍰🎁🎂🎈🎉🕯️🧑

Happy Birth Day

happy birthday..

Happy birthday

Happy birthday....

wow its your day enjoy, celebrate,jubilate and jollificate but remember do not play with sand,do not find trouble. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday...✌

Happy birth day

Happy BirthdayBirthday-messages-for-sister.jpg

Happy birthday...

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Happy Birthdayimages.jpg

👑"HaPpY BiRtHdAy My DeaR"👒 wish you best of luck. @kristenantai01

happy birthday
always is on life
life the enjoy

Happy birthday for you ... Wish all the best for you and always success to reached all your dream ...

Happy Birthday @ krishtenantai01, I hope you are spending nice time with your friends

Happy birthday