Blockchain Baby Shower!!! Contests!

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Last month I announced that my lady and I are pregnant with TWINS!!!
Since that post, I have been arranging my life to grow our finances before the due date of August 27th, which oddly enough is my birthday! (Although they are likely to be born a month early.) To help with this we will be running several contests to raise and distribute STEEM!!!!


We (the Steem community) are going to have the first Blockchain Baby Shower!
After we reach our first goal of 100 Steem/SBD we will host a live baby shower show on #dLive !!


  • Coloring contest - Color the Photo and Submit to win up to 5 SBD!
  • Name the babies [Coming Soon]
  • Jokes [Coming Soon]



Rules: Take the above image and simply color it! Then post in the comments.

There will be two reward categories

  • Creativity Category - Go wild and transform this photo to your hearts extent (eg. Morph the heads or use TieDie as a color scheme =D
  • Sleek Category - Show us what color scheme should be used for a nice sleek design.

Each contest will run for one week. For a total of 3 contests a week.


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And of course.. keep on STEEM'n on!!!

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Oh my God.. lol That is greatness.. did you submit on the Name the Babies contest?

not yet I will though

here is my version and congrats U5dsrr5JLJNXnNPoEjUkVJdDJDjZgnk_1680x8400.png

Well done! Yeah the white edges is what I will be fixing later today/

If I have learned anything, it is that yall don't want to color lol!

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Lol thank you for your help @yesaye

The image is difficult to simply just use a paint bucket tool to color in. We will have a new edition soon!