Take a guess, win 5 STEEM 😎 😍 😘

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Whats up peeps?!?

Its been a while since we last had fun guessing here at #weedchallenge. Without further ado lets get to business, this is an unknown strain and we're not here to guess which strain but the weight of it. I must say the taste and the high score around 7/10 in my book. Sucks yall can't taste some. πŸ˜’


The rules real quick

1. - Resteem this post

2. - Take a guess whats the weight (in grams) of the weed on the photo below (1 guess per person)

3. - Who comes the closest wins 5 STEEM, winner will receive the prize immediately after post payout

Good Luck!


Enjoy your day, don't let the red numbers get to you!

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Not sure what these guys have been smoking but what's on the scales looks way more than a gram or two!

I'm going for 9.1g this time. Gotta win this contest at some point!

I can't really comment, other than good luck bossman! :))

Thanks buddy!

Good Luck Asher! Though i think it's less than you do πŸ€

Everyone seems to think it is less than me! :D

LOL Asher the Numbers man. I'd personally interchange the positions of the two that you put down...love your guess though πŸ”†

Not a chance! :P

That's not even close

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I love your signature images @kid4life. Is it ok if i save and use them too? I am curious how long the contest runs?

You can use anything but NOT my gif at the end. Thats for me only:)

It goes on for 7 days and after post-payout winner gets the reward.

Thanks! It's super fun. I only noticed your profile pic after i asked. So, it made more sense it's very much your personal signature. Did you make them yourself? Thanks for the info about the contest. I think my guess is too light. Will have to catch the next contest too. Have a fantastic day ❀✌😍

13grs. Regards

0.890 grams.

i never try weed. let me guess it is 4.2 gram :D

Guessing 3.7 grams ✌

4.4g i think .


Please read the rules:)

Haha cool contest, I consulted my friend who is more knowledgeable than me and he says 8.8 grams

33 g

This production is just PERFECT! I'm so inspired! Where is this? I think you've 3.4 grams here stunner..

10 gram

4.20 grams

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Good luck man!

Thanks dude... great contest

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Hard to tell, it depends on the texture of it, but IΒ΄m going to say 13.2 grams.

Mahh man good luck! btw Just saw you did some dabs, shits strong ha?:)

15 gram

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Hard to say without feeling the wetness and density but i would have to guess about 3.5g

Very close to my guess πŸ€£βœŒπŸ€

The people saying +10g either don't smoke weed OR are smoking some powerful stuff that must be messing with their brains! :)

oooh! But, i think we are too lite! haha, whatever, it's doobie time LOL

going to go with 14g on the scales.

Resteemed... looks delicious

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Very hard to think but I guess 2.8 g.

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I will go with 6.9 grams.

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I have no idea but I can't wait to see the result! I don't even dare to guess as I'm sure I'm going to be completely out of range, lol!

If those scales are the same size as mine then I'm gonna say 5.6 grams :)

Ohh wow, nice challenge @kid4life, this brings back some memories, and even thou I've quit consuming 'jayjay', would guess it's around :
7.537 grams

Good luck to all participants!!

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5.1 gram

1.8g easy-peasy

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Thanks for your guess and good luck!

5.2 grams

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5.2 grams

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My guess is 10.2 gm


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I rested that it only weighed about 0,45gr

100 grams

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