June - 03 - 2019 - Predict the Number and You Could Win 1 STEEM! Contest #4

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Contest is on daily basis .In continuation of the Game the Second contest is launched. Please also tell steemian to participate on daily Basis.

Contest Timing ( Start From Posting of this Post to 03 Jun 2019 at up to at 02:00 UTC or 22:00 EST or before posting of my comment in the comment box of this post for closing the contest.)

Following are the Rules for the This Contest Game

1.One Entry is allowed per Steemit account ( one seemit account per person) no person with multiple accounts allowed please do not abuse the contest. Let us allow other New person to grow.
2.Participant to select any random number between 532-632
3.To know the winner of contest We will use random.org to randomly select the numbers( say only three round of generation and three numbers).
4.Three entries whose number matches the number generated by random.org will be chosen as winners after closing of contest.
5.You find your number is the same as someone else's, then winner will be the one who posted that number first in comment box of this Post.
6.You to Leave a comment with your number predicted for This contest up to at 02:00 UTC or 22:00 EST on 03.06.19 and you will have a chance to win 1 STEEM.

7.Post a single comment in comment box-with your entry. multiple entry not allowed. if you have done mistake than no editing of comment is allowed . you have to delete the comment first than you can re-post comment with correct number before closing of this contest.

8.Contest will close on 03 June 2019 at up to at 02:00 UTC or 22:00 EST or before posting of my comment in the comment box of this post for closing the contest (whichever is earlier).

For this contest there will be 3 winners who will get 1 STEEM each.
This is closer of Rules of the Games.

You are also welcome to Upvoat / resteem this post and contest ideas So that other steemit user can participate because once you made entry it is only your luck if other enter same number even than you are first to select.

Let contest #4 begin!

Result will be Posted after Closing of the contest or Next day.

Enjoy the Contest #4 of the @kasarwal on Steemit

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welcome in contest #4


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welcome in contest

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