4,000 Followers / 100 SBD Giveaway - WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!

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Well, the 7 days are up, and it is time to announce the lucky winner of last week’s contest!

There was a ton of community participation, and 5,000 followers is approaching quickly, so stick around for the next one if you weren’t the lucky winner this time!!!

Contestants in the contest had to guess a number between 1 and 4,000. Before making the contest post, I had taken a picture of myself with a built-in timestamp to prove things are all above board here, featuring the lucky number.

The number is....

Timestamp is the date on the TV menu.
1月5日 (January 5th).

And the big winner is...

@tremendospercy, with his guess of “1776”!


Congrats, @tremendospercy! 100 SBD on the way.

Thanks so much to all who entered, and stick around for the 5,000 followers contest!



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as Facebook and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

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Holy shit!
I can't believe it mate, that is so unbelievably generous.
You know what, I guessed 1776 because I knew you'd just returned from the US and it's such an important year in your country's history.
Wow, thanks again man and thanks for all the great work you do educating Steemit on the virtues of voluntaryism and anarchy.
Your a great bloke Graham.


Congrats @tremendospercy !!


congrats brother


Wow , congrats sir. You have some unbelievable luck.


Feeling is mutual man. Was amazed when I saw your number, haha.

Congratulations @kafkanarchy on 4000 followers... With the kind of generosity you show towards the memembrs of this great platform, you truly deserve many more followers!

Wow! Quite the giveaway, I'll get in the 5000 followers contest! Followed!

Damn! I wish I knew about this contest!


Another one coming up at 5,000.


You've earned my follow 😆👍


Congratulations @tremendospercy, i can't wait to be the winner of the next one.

congrats on that many followers man, well deserved! keep up the great work

Exciting! Congratulations to the previous winner! Definitely got my follow brotha can't wait to participate.

Wow, such a well thought out guess and he was closest to the number! I love it. A bit of beer, a bit of weed, and the year American gained independence from Britain. Congrats to you @tremendospercy! You've also won a follower :)

I am very happy that I am one of your 4000 followers. I hope that soon your followers list will be transformed into 5000 and the experience is really awesome so all of you are encouraged to follow and work. You're working once you convert 10000 followers will not take much time. I think you will convert 5000 followers by this month. Many happy to share the joy with us on the occasion of your decoration 4000 followers Dd। @kafkanarchy84 ✌✌✌


wow thats awesome !! What a great guess @tremendospercy , I also tried to pick out a number like that , but gave up and just picked something I see all the time which is the numbers 2222 !! haha ! Congrats my friend !! 👍👍👍😊✌💕

I missed this . Aww...man. Congrats to winner too.


Next one is coming up soon, it looks like!

100 SBD, oh I have got to get in on the next round, which, I'm assuming, will be a number between 1 and 5000. I'll start dreaming about numbers now, hopefully a good one will come to me.


A big congratulations to the winner and a big shoutout to you @kafkanarchy84 for such a platform just cant wait to participate in the next one.

Congrats to the winner of the great contest and very big thank and congratulation my dear friend for your great effort and energy from which you have achieved success. Your hard work and dedication brought you the sweetest results, please enjoy your Trump. You are always my favorite friend and your inspiration is my power to make things positive for me. Thanks my friend, wish you a very beautiful time ahead ,Namaste from India.

This is outstanding making the content by you.Actually I am extremely happy that you will touching the more followers very soon already you have gone to 4000 followers.I am sure you are a successful steemians hopefully you could be done the betterment in the future.I always follow you please you must share valuable tips so that I may developping in steemit platform . I am waiting for your next content.Thanks for sharing my dear friend

congrats! Hope to have that good luck next time

i thought that the number is on the bottom of the can! that is unfair! because you can show any number you want....T_T

Missed the competition this time will keep a lookout for the next one.

Maybe next time :)

Congratulations to the winner 👏

congrats im following now! We all are growing steem to be a great and powerful site!